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While the rest of us worry that our secret thoughts and fever dreams are being mined by the NSA, a few bold narcissists rise above all that and trot out the whole steamy enchilada for a national audience.  So it is that subterranean screwball, Glenn Beck hosted Harvard’s least favorite son, Sen. Ted Cruz, on Thursday, to engage in an intellectual dissection of Mr Obama’s recent atrocities, including the appointments of Susan [Paybacks are a Bitch] Rice and Samantha Power.

Sen. Cruz, no fan of women in government [or elsewhere, as indicated by his vote against VAWA] predictably contributed a few manly musings about Power’s manifest unfitness for replacing Susan Rice at the United Nations:

While speaking to Glenn Beck earlier today, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) maintained that UN Ambassador nominee Samantha Power, best known for her human rights advocacy, “grovels” before dictators. Beck called Power, whom he referred to as “Powers,” as an “extraordinarily dangerous person” and accused her husband Cass Sunstein, who formerly led the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, of directing the IRS to target conservatives.

Cruz called Power “extreme” and “far outside of the mainstream,” and said that she and other “left-wing academics” appointed by Obama consistently “grovel before tyrants like Castro in Cuba and North Korea.”

In case you’re not up on your pop psychology, this “vision” is a classic misogynistic daydream of “dominating the dominatrix,” usually indicating some unresolved “Mommy issues.”

Happily, this sort of psychosexual BS is mostly consigned to the talking heads and icky forums of the far right.  I mean, really, here we have a sociopathic nerd who believes that Congress and his alma mater are crawling with Communists, and an addled feral child talking past each other about nothing but their personal dysfunctions.

Beck is happy to have one more opportunity to dis Cass Sunstein and Cruz is trying to sound pompous and presidential before he slithers into Iowa.

Well fellas, UP YOURS!  Those two women are twice the men that you’ll ever be.  Oh, and, Sen Cruz? Des Moines is probably the closest you’ll ever get to the Oval Office . . .

As a special treat, take a few dramamine and watch this, if you dare:

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The Glenn Beck/Tea Party kvetch against Obama Administration “Regulatory Czar” Cass Sunstein goes back to the early swirlings of the tempestuous teapots. Powers is so “out of the mainstream” that she’s been around for two decades and even some neocons approve of her. (Hmm…)

What is nice is how everything sweeps together—the “architect of Libya” starts to sound like she planned the attack in Benghazi if one is appropriately doped up on this kind of “opiate of the asses”. It’s subliminal, and sandwiched between the “apology tour” and “IRS targeted only right wing groups” lies that are already accepted by the beckerheads.  Over the teeth, through the gums, down the throat.

Voila! She’s daaaaangerous!

In the real world, Cruz & Beck will grovel before any two-bit tinpot CEO who speaks well of Ayn Rand, & any dictator who loves Jesus.

Heh, Susan Rice gets to ride again.  How ya like them apples wingers?

The Glenn Beck/Tea Party kvetch against Obama Administration “Regulatory Czar” Cass Sunstein goes back to the early swirlings of the tempestuous teapots

I think it’s a version of the “Two Minutes Hate”, a dogwhistle.  Merely saying “Cass Sunstein”, like saying “Saul Alinsky”, serves as a substitute for the less politically correct “Jewy Jew Jew”.  Funny how all of Beck’s straw villains seem to be Jewish- he knows his audience well.

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