blackwaterdog is back!

Her blog, if for some reason you don’t have it bookmarked, is here.  This is good news.  To defeat the Republicans we need, as she says, all hands on deck.  Make no mistake.  If Willard is elected President this is what he and the rest of the Rethuglicans will do to our country.

And I’m really tired of hearing “lesser of two evils” BS.  Obama, whatever ponies he failed to deliver or whether you disagree with some of his actions and policies, is not evil.  Or incompetent, ineffective or weak. Willard?  I think you could make a real argument for his being a basically evil person.  We definitely know he’s a bully, he has no empathy for people not in the 1%, he likes to fire people and he luurrves to strip him some assets out of companies to line his pockets and match his silver spoon.

I honestly do believe the future of our country is hanging in the balance here.  Time to roll up the shirtsleeves and GOTV.  Take back the House while we’re at it! 

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She’s back, she’s back, oh, thank you for the good news!

And forward to victory!

NICE!  Great tip . . .

I thought this was interesting: the Romney camp used to claim he created “100,000 jobs” at Bain. Now they just say “thousands.” Could it be the former claim didn’t hold up to scrutiny?

If Romney had any integrity (hahahaha!), he’d be honest about how venture capital works. The goal is not to create jobs; it’s to generate profits for shareholders. If job creation serves that goal, fine. If sucking a company dry and shipping jobs overseas turns a profit, fine.

Given the shitty economy and the bone-deep stupidity and disconnectedness of much of our electorate, I expect this to be a very close race. It should be Romney’s to lose just because of the economy. But he’s such a horrible, horrible candidate that I feel pretty optimistic about our chances.

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