Blognitive Dissonance: Not Exactly Norman Rockwell’s America

The reality of the 9/11 NYC Mosque Protest, via Pam Geller:

The nice, cuddly America that Pam and the NYC Mosque protesters haul out of mothballs at Christmas, see behind their eyelids when they go to sleep at night, and claim they want to “take back” from the Libtard Socialists:

Posted by StrangeAppar8us on 09/12/10 at 03:32 PM • Permalink

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Lovely people Pam’s attracted there. Keeping their fear muscles clenched all the time has got to hurt, and they must keep their mouths pressed closed so no one can see they sharpen their teeth.

Not so much Rockwell as Bosch. I’m glad I didn’t run into them.

BTW, for all Pam’s rally was supposed to be so huge, there was no sign of a massive anti-mosque rally having broken up by the time I got to Ground Zero, around 3:30 or 4. Not that it didn’t happen, but how did a supposedly huge number of people vanish that quickly? The subway entrance at Chambers Street was open and clear, the various fast food places did not have an unusual level of traffic for the day.

They must all have agreed not to go to Ground Zero afterward, but just to go home, which must have been North. Yeah, that’s exactly what must have happened!

I used to think Rockwell was a bland, even reactionary figure, but the man had a little more range than he’s often given credit for. An old-fashioned, occasionally patronizing liberal, but one I can respect.

Southern Justice

Rockwell also celebrated the Peace Corps and the accomplishments of the United States space program. Yet he declined a commission for a recruiting poster for the Marines at the height of the Vietnam War, asking an interviewer, “I don’t think we’re helping the Vietnamese people lead better lives, do you?”

The man also had a naughty side:

Rosie the Riveter is packing

This guy REALLY likes Pollack

Skipping church? The devil made me do it

Comment by Comrade Mary on 09/12/10 at 05:18 PM

Rockwell?  A genuine New Yorker. Had an accent so thick, talking to him was a surreal experience for those expecting to hear a wise, vaguely Midwestern voice.  Like Twain, the real, slightly subversive figure is subsituted with a safe bit of kitschy nostalgia in the common market…

a safe bit of kitschy nostalgia

That’s exactly what the folks in the top photo are willing to start a second Civil War over…just as long as those other people in the Rockwell painting are safely trapped inside the frame.

My guess, by the look of the demographic, is that their national flag would be a white one.

Well, dunno, but the picture reminds me more of other people who also once proclaimed they wanted to restore their nation’s honor. Critics saw a racist undertone in their ideology, too:

Comment by Gray, Germany on 09/13/10 at 07:41 AM

You always have to be careful with visual comparisons, but there’s definitely something off-putting about any group of people whose default facial expression is a combination of anger, confusion and emptiness.

I always get a kick out of those kinds of guys who’ve been out of the Military for 30 years, but still wear their Military regalia. I know for a minority its a tribute to fallen comrades, but for most I imagine its the only time in their lives that they were part of something. Its kind of sad really. It reminds me of that Bruce Spingsteen song; Glory Days.

That’s exactly what the folks in the top photo are willing to start a second Civil War over…just as long as those other people in the Rockwell painting are safely trapped inside the frame.

Veddy true, Strange.  And Rockwell will probably stay in there with them.  He’s in the upper right corner.  Behind the black man and the Chinese woman.  And next to the Mexican.

The reality of the 9/11 NYC Mosque Protest

That’s a hell of a lot of white people.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many of them, and the UK is nearly 20% whiter than the US.

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