Boehner Delays House Debt Bill Vote

This is going to be a long night. I need more beer.

Posted by StrangeAppar8us on 07/28/11 at 05:01 PM • Permalink

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Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!  The meaningless vote on a bill that has already been declared DOA in the Senate has been delayed!

Time to go bury the 401(k) in the backyard.  Don’t tell Boehner I’m putting it under the silver maple tree.

This is all part of Rusty Orange Boner’s cunning plan to make the President laugh himself sick.

Part II involves standing on the Capitol steps and smacking himself in the face with custard pies. Parp! Parp!

Thanks for reminding me to stop by the store on the way home. Those 25-ounce Fosters are on sale!

I liked it better when the things bringing our civilization to the edge of collapse were cool explosion-y things that you would enjoy seeing an action movie about.  Nobody wants to watch a James Bond movie where 007 has to go take out Lord Douchington, who’s trying to ruin the British Pound through parliamentary procedure.

If only Boehner had the movie villain chops to say, kill a puppy a minute until the president signs the Republican plan, I’d have a lot more respect for him than I currently do.

You’re right. Asteroids are good. So are accidental nuclear launches, alien warships, Triffids, genetic plagues. You know you’re going to get at least one good car chase out of those, maybe even a Laser-Cats duel.

Who knew America would talk itself to death?

Bond:  Do you expect me to talk?

Goldfinger:  No, Mr Bond. I expect to pay all my utility bills with unsigned checks that have to be returned for a signature, incurring all kinds of extra administration costs for the bank and the Gas Company, but no penalties for me!

This reminds me of watching the 1992 Great Chicago River Flood footage—i.e., a swirling vortex that looked like nothing from the surface, was causing great havoc below, and caused otherwise seemingly sane folks to believe they could plug the hole by throwing their old mattresses into the river.

I still can’t believe I paid $8 to watch that movie.

HTP, did you actually make a Hyperbole and a Half reference?

Inasmuch as we are now being governed by debt rating services, I thought it was time to propose the right thing from our end.

(Strange explained all this on an earlier thread.)

I pledge allegiance to the debt ratings services.

And to the global economy for which they stand.

One nation, under the global economy,
with whatever opportunities they bestow.

@Amherst — That’s a good start, but I might recommend shortening it to something suitable for stadium chanting, e.g.:

Home of the bold.
We won’t be undersold!

I have posted this everywhere cause it needs repeating.

It is now obvious how utterly stupid and clueless the Tea Partiers are. There was just one on my tee vee, on Rev Al’s show, the Rev Al said something to the effect that “George W. Bush increased the debt by 5 trillion dollars during his term” and the Tea Partier said “Yeah and we threw HIM out of office!”

Rev Al had this look on his face like “why the fuck am I even talking to this fucking moron” and then he gently reminded him that George W. Bush was term limited, whereby the Tea Party guy just went rolling on, facts be damned.

So to review a “group” (ie The Tea Party) which did not even exist at the time that George W. Bush was POTUS (gee I wonder why) managed by the force of its will to get George W. Bush “thrown out of office” and what? Elected Barack Obama? W.T.F?

This is just a measure of how far into the digital age Congress has come. So many of its procedures are now automated, and so much of its paperwork is now done via e-mail, that no one can find any actual envelopes to stuff the campaign contributions into.

Boehner can’t very well walk around the floor of the House handing out ones and zeroes, can he?

Someone ran out to Staples, so we’ll be cool soon.

Tea Partiers took that “make our own reality” thing to new depths.  When the first rethugs made that statement they knew if was BS and for political points; for TPer’s it is an infallible religion with visions that must not be questioned.  Ever.


And I thought I’d heard everything.  I know this amounts to l’esprit d’escalier, but next time can’t Sharpton stand up and yell, “YOU FUCKING IDIOT, YOU DIDN’T THROW HIM OUT OF OFFICE.  HE GOT TWO TERMS AND HAD TO STOP.  THANKS TO CRETINS LIKE YOU.  NOW GET OUT—” oh never mind.  It’s 5:30 which, in DST, signifies the onset of the Cocktail Hour (sic).

@ Scott - That’s supposed to represent the sound of clown shoes. However, thankee kindly for introducing me to H & 1/2.

And Going to the Party While Heavily Sedated is a particularly apt description of GOP Follies. (In addition to a great name for a rock band.)

In case anyone doesn’t believe me here is the clippity clip.

Comment by Litlebritdifrnt on 07/28/11 at 08:07 PM

You’re right, kre8tr — no vote tonight.

Clown Shoes for everyone!

Clown Shoes for everyone!

Yay! pass me a pair of size 437.

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