Boehner’s bender?


Two seemingly unrelated news items: On Monday, Republican House Leader John Boehner told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review the following:

There’s a political rebellion brewing, and I don’t think we’ve seen anything like it since 1776.

We need to raise the retirement age to 70.

This [the financial reform bill] is killing an ant with a nuclear weapon.

One Wednesday, former GOP Congressman Joe Scarborough called Boehner a tosspot:

So many Republicans tell me that this is a guy that is not the hardest worker in the world. Every Republican I talk to says that John Boehner, by five or six at night, you can see him at bars.

Coincidence? I think not.

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During that same interview Boehner also admitted to liking to smoke a few cigarettes ... after he’s done occasionally mowing the lawn.  I’m thinking he’s one giant nicotine stain.

(I’d also bet Boehner hasn’t mowed his own lawn in years.)

Let us all wallow in the pleasant memory of Tom DeLay at his finest.


If these old bars
These titty bars could speak
What a tale they’d have to tell
Boehner and Armey raising hell
Jello shots off a hooker’s ass
A furtive hand-job
If these old bars could speak

Will we be joined by Crist or Meek?
If these titty bars could speak

(with apologies to Jimmy Webb)

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