“Boneless Baby-Man”—UPDATED

Bill Maher treats Glenn Beck’s Israel concern trolling with the appropriate level of contempt:

Well played, sir.


Had to post this priceless description of the debt ceiling situation from Tim F of Balloon Juice:

Word has it that Boehner retired to redraft the bill and win some teatard votes. The worst bill in American history amended by a sleep-deprived guy under tremendous stress, to please the stupidest group of legislators in American history. What could possibly go wrong?

Again, well played, sir.

Posted by Betty Cracker on 07/29/11 at 06:16 AM • Permalink

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“A boneless babyman with the emotional maturity of Polly Pockets” is probably the only thing that will give me any joy today.

All that work on a bill that will never pass the senate and would be vetoed if it did.  It requires going through all this nonsense again in six months, and that’s a non-starter.

If the Dems have any sense at all (shut up), they’ll sit back and watch Boehner implode, then offer a clean bill at the last minute.

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