Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s “I Am Goodbye”

This song and bare-bones video from Will Oldham’s soon-to-be-released album Beware both make me very, very happy.  And, yes, there are times when a relatively hairless goofball like me really wishes he could grow a righteous beard like that…

Swamped for the rest of today. Consider this an open thread.

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I’m looking forward to the May show in Harlem. A friend came up with front row center tickets. I’m going to score me some BPB spit, oh yeah.

That’s great, LP.  Never seen him live. I think the only time I had honest-to-goodness front row seats for a concert was Ray Charles (with, believe it or not, David Letterman opening).  Because of the way the piano was positioned, all we could really see was Ray’s crotch and legs the whole evening.

Yes, it rocked.

Lovely, just lovely. No sell, just straight from the heart.

I only had front row tickets once in my life.  Not really tickets since it was general admission but it was for the Clash at Pier 84 in 1982.  Kurtis Blow opened up for them and the audience was not ready to listen to rap so there were bottles and all kinds of other shit flying over my head.  Kurtis could at least see them coming and move out of the way but I was expecting to get nailed at any moment.  I have to give him for credit for not missing a beat.  He just kept on rapping.

The only front row seats I ever had was for TOMMY on Broadway. I had decent seats for Jimi Hendrix in 1970. Best warm-up act I ever saw was Taj Mahal, who opened for the Band.

I saw BPB about three years ago at an in-store performance at the now out-of-business, sadly, New World Records in Buffalo.

The righteously bearded fellow owned the soul of everyone in the joint for an hour and a half.

Damn, Kurtis Blow opening for The Clash.  Taj Mahal opening for the Band.  Those are two shows I would have loved to have been at.  And Hendrix, yeah, that works. The Clash and the Band are two of my favorites.  Sad I never got to see them live.

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