I’m in charge of holiday planning, prep and execution at my house. Not because of patriarchal oppression but just because that’s how we choose to break it down (picking up dog turds in the yard, for example, is thankfully outside my bailiwick).

Well, Saturday morning, I woke up feeling nauseated and achy in every bone. My head was pounding, my nose was stuffy, and I had a hacking cough. I tried to eat something and ended up tossing my waffle. So even though I had a million things to do to get ready for Christmas, I made a nest of quilts on the sofa and stayed there all day and all night.

The dogs were happy to keep me company, what with a little cold snap we had (it’s in the high 60s / low 70s, which causes my wimpy boxers to channel their inner Malamutes). I laid around alternately snoozing, watching TV and staring at the Christmas tree lights in a Nyquil-induced daze. I drank herb tea and munched a few soup crackers from time to time, which is about all I can keep down.

I didn’t feel much better yesterday, and I still feel lousy now. I’ve been dragging myself from room to room, dusting furniture, sweeping, cleaning out the fridge, etc. I’ve pressed my kid into service more than I normally would to complete errands and assist with housework. 

Mr. C always handles Christmas Eve dinner, so I’m off the hook for that, but I’ve got a slew of people coming by at various times today and tomorrow. I’ve got all the holiday meal stuff, but I have no idea where I’m going to find the energy to put the Christmas Day feast together and deal with a houseful of guests. My husband and kid are more than willing to help, but they’ll just fuck up whatever I assign to them. I know that sounds terrible, but it’s true.

There’s no point at all to this post; I just felt like whining. Open thread!

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My sister, her husband, and their two boys are in town for Christmas because they had to get the hell out of Dodge for a week.  Tonight, we’ll head out to Rolf’s for some decoration madness and Glühwein.  Tomorrow, I think we may hit Chinatown and celebrate a “Jewish” Christmas.  It would be easier to coordinate our plans if I weren’t working graveyard shifts… sleep is overrated, anyway.

Comment by Big Bad Bald Bastard on 12/24/12 at 08:02 AM

Sleep is overrated, anyway.

I’m telling myself that, 4B, as I sit out here where I’m supposed to be doing my internship in BUSHWICK, and where there is no sign of my class. Evidently, of the 4 schools that do internships in this “Continuing Care Community,” mine is notorious for miscommunications (so saith the security guard). I’ve been up since 6, Google-walked the route beforehand, and got here at a quarter to 8.

OTOH, they do have a B&W cat called Bang-Bang, so it could be worse. Wish I could be holding an emesis basin for you, Betty, or even better, hope you recover instantly! Thanks for starting this thread O’whine~~we need one! I do, at any rate.

Blessed be the whiners for their venting involves no bloodshed.

@Betty: The bug going around here does a hard stop at exactly 48 hours - hope that’s your bug.

@B4 Dim sum is worlds better than Auntie Lou’s basement ripened fruitcake

@Mrs Polly anyone willing to catch flying holiday emesis deserves to graduate no-questions-asked.  Hope you find your class or vice versa . . .

And Happy Festivus for the rest of us . .

I have to work the 2 days after Christmas.  Now tell me, who goes to get their teeth cleaned the day after Christmas?  I’m expecting a lot of no-shows, which means the dentist will be pissed that he’s paying big bucks for a temp RDH (me) and not making any money. 

Some dentists are genuinely nice, caring people, and some are total greedhead assholes; make sure you can detect which kind you go to!

Some dentists are genuinely nice, caring people, and some are total greedhead assholes; make sure you can detect which kind you go to!

@SoS I’ve had more than my share of the “greedhead asshole” type.  Until I discovered the Univ. of Pennsylvania Dental School where I plan to go for the rest of my life.  It has been a delightful experience.  The students are young and still enthusiastic, the work they do is cutting edge, overseen by faculty every step of the way and costs a fraction of what outside dentists charge. ($400 for a crown)

No matter where you live there’s probably a dental school nearby and they all have clinics.  Check it out . . .

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