Brats in the Frat: A Perfectly Reasonable Political Theory

The previous post reminded me of a political theory that I can not for the life of me figure out where I read about it—it can’t be original to myself. It is the idea that, in any college movie involving fraternities—the “bad guy frat” is obviously the Republicans. It seems to be true. Take Animal House, in part the brain child of the late and lamented Harold Ramis, as an example—Neidermeyer could not possibly be a Kennedy supporter. And the same holds true with Revenge of the Nerds: in one installment, Morton Downey Jr. was even allied with the Alpha Betas against the Tri-Lams at Adams College. And in the somewhat less impactful Jeremy Piven vehicle, PCU which allegedly sends-up “political correctness” and “anti-frat” culture, come on. The David Spade (Rand McPherson?) frat is pretty seriously a bunch of up-tighty whitey righties.

I’m sure there are other examples that drive this home. But in any event, the theory might explain why I’d rather have a coffee with Pajama Boy than get ironically duck-fupped on PBR with Scott. YMMV.

This is a late-night open thread.

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Being from WI, I read at first as brat(wurst)s in the frat and thought, nah, still not enough to change my opinion of the Junior Fascist League.

Admittedly, my college was not a leader in Western Philosophy, basically an above average teacher’s college, but wouldn’t you know it, the biggest school there was the business school, and at the time I wad there it was not even accredited - you could not use a business degree from there to apply for an MBA program anywhere. The business students were the primary users of the greek system as a social thingy, and they saw Animal House as a DMs guide to college.

Which brings up my long winded point. The Deltas in AH were no one’s liberals. Libertines, yes, and if that floated their collective boat, fine. They may have been a tadge more socially liberal than Greg and Neidermayer, at least re: the Military and drug use, but the misogyny was in them mighty. Plus, Ivy League college in the 1960s.

Eh, my 2c worth.

See now? this whole Brat Frat Theory dovetails so nicely with my own Cons Suffer From Arrested Development Theory.

And then, of course, there’s the Conservative vs Liberal Brain Theory.

All of which share some characteristics with the locally popular belief, argued in Philadelphia watering holes,—the Cons are Neanderthals, Libs are Homo Sapiens Theory.

Gotta love the Milkmen, you’re showing your Philly pride!

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