BREAKING NEWS: Hostage situation and bomb threat at Hillary Clinton campaign HQ in Rochester, NH

UPDATED BREAKING NEWS: Man with bomb strapped to chest holding two hostages at Hillary Clinton campaign headquarters in Rochester, New Hampshire

Via MSNBC.  I’ll post more info when it becomes available. UPDATE: Here’s a direct link to MSNBC coverage.

MORE: Coverage from WMUR in New Hampshire. Live video coverage here.

ALSO: WBZ in New Hampshire has some limited coverage here.

2:05 PM ET: WMUR is reporting on their live broadcast that it’s a man in his 40’s with salt-and-pepper hair who allegedly has a bomb strapped to his body.  He asked a woman with a child in the HQ to leave and is holding two other people (campaign workers) hostage.

2:14 PM ET: WPTZ is mirroring the same information that’s currently on WMUR (including live video).  Apparently Drudge has linked to WMUR, so that site may start crawling soon.

2:26 PM ET: CNN has picked up the story.

3:09 PM ET: Two people have been released per WMUR.  Apparently, that’s all of the hostages. Good news.

3:45 PM ET: WMUR and MSNBC are backing away from earlier reports that two people have been released. Now it can only be confirmed that one hostage (a young woman) has been released.

4:55 PM ET: A press conference just concluded that released no info at all. The latest info from various news agencies is that the suspect’s name is Troy Stanley, that he’s mentally disturbed and that he’s apparently armed only with road flares. I’m signing off on this story.  Looks like it’s going to come to as good of a conclusion as possible.

FINAL UPDATE: I was out last night, but apparently during the crisis the suspect legally changed his name to Leeland Eisenberg.

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