BREAKING NEWS: Taylor Marsh is wrong! Again!


Help me, y’all: I just can’t quit Marsh, even though criticizing her “analysis” is akin to firing a spear gun into a transparent barrel occupied by a single, exceptionally slow, doormat-sized flounder. It’s hardly sporting, so I promise to try to stop looking. After today:

It’s frustrating to be the only one pointing to facts regarding Sarah Palin on this one, especially since my politics are on the exact opposite side as hers. However, everyone from Joe to Mika to Aaron Sorkin to everyone on the Left keeps saying what a comeuppance to Sarah it was that Lisa Murkowski & Alaskans refudiated Sarah Palin by voting against Joe Miller in the general election.

It’s not Palin’s fault that Murkowski pulled a Lieberman in the general after she was soundly defeated in the primaries by Miller. It’s also not Palin’s fault that Joe Miller turned out to be a frickin’ idiot, tweeting arrogantly before he’d won the general that he appreciated being welcome in DC. Or the fact that Miller hired bodyguards that ended up in a scandal because his peeps handcuffed a reporter without any cause.

Oh, but it is her fault, Ms. Marsh. This is how it works: You’re supposed to vet the candidates you endorse. That’s always true but it is particularly so when you are instrumental to their rise rather than endorsing an already established candidate. Everybody else in Alaska seems to have realized Miller was an asshole, including former employers.

And when you make an endorsement in your home state, where you are presumed to have some insight into the political scene, it’s important to carefully consider the possible repercussions. Palin owns the Miller debacle.

Additional Martian analysis:

What Sarah Palin should have done, if she really knew how to play this game, was to be the bigger person, swallow her gargantuan ego and insecurities, and release a statement congratulating Lisa Murkowski. But Sarah doesn’t know how to play the game with grace yet. As egos go she’s a lot like Barack Obama in that she can’t give ground to her adversaries for fear it shows weakness. It’s the Small Politicians Playbook.

But isn’t the narrative relentlessly pimped by a certain “analyst” that Obama is a spineless wimp who does nothing but give ground to his adversaries? I’m sure some political analyst somewhere made that point repeatedly.

Like the wingnuts who try to tag Obama as both a socialist and a fascist, Marsh needs to pick a theme.

Speaking of people who need to get their stories straight, the politician Marsh tries to exonerate from responsibility for her endorsements said something that frankly astonished me in a recent NYT Mag interview. Sarah Palin on “the left” and bipartisanship:

“I was so innocent and naïve to believe that I would be able to govern for four years and if I ever moved on beyond the governorship I could carry that with me nationally,” Palin said. “And it was proven when John McCain chose me for the nomination for vice president; what it showed me about the left: they go home. It doesn’t matter what you do. It was the left that came out attacking me. They showed me their hypocrisy; they showed me they weren’t willing to work in a bipartisan way. I learned my lesson. Once bitten, twice shy. I will never trust that they are not hypocrites until they show me they’re sincere.”

Hmmmm. I remember it differently. I remember a screechy lady no one had ever heard of bursting onto the national scene by telling me and everyone else who doesn’t share her political views that we hate America, Jesus, the troops, fetuses and freedom. And now she’s the trampled little blossom? Nice try, Palin, but you earned the contempt of your political adversaries as much as you own the Miller debacle. It’s all yours, honey.

[Artwork by John Brown]

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I was so innocent and naïve to believe that I would be able to govern for four years

Only truthful statement she’s ever emitted.

Thanks Betty.  As the Palinites rush to disappear the Brillo-Faced One from memory, we must drive home that of all the candidates she endorsed, Joe Miller was the one she and Todd knew personally and most intimately, and he was by far the most transparently fascist major-party candidate this year.

And what part of “Palin Refudiated by State She (Supposedly) Epitomizes and Where She Is (Supposedly) Wildly Popular” does TM not grasp?

The John Brown post linked at the very bottom is funny.*  Had I realized you all were having so much bittersweet fun in 2008, I would have wandered over here earlier.

*Possible exception being the result of the “pouncing lawyers” phrase at that site.  I just know that is going to give me weird dreams this coming holiday season, once my subconscious purees it with the classic “lords-a-leaping” line.

Had I realized you all were having so much bittersweet fun in 2008

We helped steal the nomination for Obama, and got a big-ass Weblog Award for doing it!

Good times, good times.

Wow, Marsh and I have something in common.

I don’t pay attention to anything she writes, and neither does she.

It’s also not Palin’s fault that Joe Miller turned out to be a frickin’ idiot,

Todd Palin and Joe Miller were personal friends before Sarah backed Miller. 

Maybe she’s been around one frickin’ idiot for so long that she doesn’t recognize another one when she sees him.

John Brown…..

Was reading him that led me hear…

I Got 99 Problems—Taylor Marsh Ain’t One.

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