BREAKING: No cakewalk for the Obama

Adam Nagourney of the New York Times lets all of us Obama zombies in on the shocking truth:

When Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton goes after Senator Barack Obama these days, she presses him on the details of his health care plan, criticizes the wording of his campaign mailings and likens his promise of change to celestial choirs.

But if Mr. Obama becomes the Democratic presidential nominee, he is sure to face an onslaught from Republicans and their allies that will be very different in tone and intensity from what he has faced so far.

In the last few days alone, Senator John McCain has mocked a statement Mr. Obama made about Al Qaeda in Iraq. The Tennessee Republican Party, identifying him with his middle name as Barack Hussein Obama, suggested that his foreign policy would be shaped by people who are anti-Semitic and anti-Israel.


Mr. Obama’s record is not as long as Mrs. Clinton’s, or as potentially rich, for an opponent looking for damaging votes or quotes. But there is still plenty to work with. Some cases are simple let’s-go-to-the-video moments, like Mr. Obama’s statements that he would support giving drivers’ licenses to illegal aliens or would support raising taxes to shore up Social Security, lines of attacks that Republicans are already employing.

Someone should tell Obama’s campaign staff about this. Zoinks! Too bad their HEADS ARE IN THE SAND!!! kicking the dethroned Queen of the Coronation’s ass all over the Dem primary schedule.  I’m sure they haven’t thought about inevitable rightwing attacks or running against McCain at all.  Nor has Obama himself. Silly bunnies.

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