Breaking Showbiz News: Paternity Suit for Tunch?

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Has John Cole‘s long-time companion Tunch strayed once too often and sowed some wild oats?*

I give you the evidence. The new kid on the block:


A paparazzi shot of an apparently shamefaced Tunch:


All together now: It would be irresponsible not to speculate.

* Phrased as a question after a heated consultation with a lawyer.

h/t Ms. YAFB

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Ha!  I posted the same link to an open thread in BJ claiming it was baby Tunch, but I like your speculation MUCH better.

P.S.  Tunchie supposedly has been snipped, but he HAS escaped from casa de Cole, so mebbe the snip wasn’t effective.  P.P.S.  Thanks for the TUNCH pic since Cole can’t be bothered.  TUUUUUUUUNCH!

Check his birth certificate!!

Cole is suspiciously silent. Could the kity sue for child support. Is he consulting with his lawyers, in case Tunch is hit with paternity suite?

It would indeed be irresponsible not to speculate. And one must at least wonder, whether the “tutoring” failed.

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