BREAKING NEWS: Peggy Noonan is a ninny

Well, that’s hardly news, but today’s column brings fresh evidence that she’s willing to offer an ignorant opinion on a subject she knows nothing about to score political points. The subject is insurance:

The public in 2009 would have been happy to see a simple bill that mandated insurance companies offer coverage without respect to previous medical conditions. The administration could have had that—and the victory of it—last winter. Instead, they were greedy for glory.

That’s a swell idea, actually, because forcing insurance companies to cover everyone without also compelling people to buy insurance before they get sick would put the insurance companies out of business toot sweet, thus paving the way for single payer.

Most Republicans understand that, which is why they, Joe Lieberman and other Big Insurance shills would filibuster such a measure. I’m all for bringing it up for debate—and for loudly publicizing their opposition to it so people who don’t pay attention to politics (or how insurance works) would see the GOP as a party in the pocket of the e-ville insurance empire.

But that’s not what Noonan is suggesting. In fact, she put up a spirited defense of Big Insurance executives last November. She just doesn’t get how it works—she thinks the Dems could have abolished preexisting conditions and moved merrily on to other priorities. She is, in short, a ninny.

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Both of those pieces are just total gobbledy-gook.  She gets paid for that?  Reminded me of why I never read her or the WSJ.

I was at the annual meeting for the Association for Women Journalists in Chicago last night. Depressing to run into so many colleagues who are barely hanging on or who have lost their jobs while Dowd, Brooks, Noonan, et al still get paid obscene amounts to be wrongheaded attention whores.

Well, that is the problem with all of the “conservative ideas”.  They take these simplistic views and boil them down into simple little talking points that seem sensible on the surface…and that is how they get people to bite.

But as Obama just called them out at the RNCC meeting he just attended and televised, they never do the math or carry through with the details of how their simple ideas would work in the real world.

Either they are all being disingenuous to score political points or they really fall so in love with their simplistic little ideas that they remain mired in narcissisticly remaining hung up a the concept level and unable or unwilling (or even too lazy?) to look into the detail of what any of it would actually mean or entail.

I mean, there is always such a constant disconnect and often contradiction between many of their slogan views and plans and it just boggles the mind that they don’t get it and that more people don’t catch on and call them on it.

Are they really, really that stupid and unable to grasp complex thoughts? Are they really that bad at math?  Are they really that lazy that they can’t do the details and see the consequences of trying to put their plans to practice? 

It just boggles my mind!

G - I picture them sitting around at dinner saying “So what should we have for a healthcare plan?”
Somebody suggests torte reform, someone else buying across state lines, somebody writes them both down, someone says “Great, that’s the plan”, then they order dessert.

I’m looking forward to a Sally Quinn-Peggy Noonan steel cage death match.  Either way, America wins!

... torte reform ...

Brilliant, Glix. Make mine a Sacher.

Vaguely OT, but still on the subject of journalistic standards and tropes, I’ve mentioned our wonderful Charlie Brooker to folks here before, Here’s a short YouTube of an understated (for him - he can really wig out when he wants to) dissection of TV report stylings:

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