Breitbart: “I’ll Give You DYNA-BAG POWER to Crush the ‘Institutional Left’...IN JUST 21 DAYS!!!”

Enraged, gamma ray-infused Meta-Loon and New-Media-of-the-Absurd info-mogul Andrew Breitbart recently appeared on FoxNews’ reality shitcom “Red Eye,” where he announced to fellow Wingnut bilge-bellows Greg Gutfeld that he wanted to “go down on in history” as the man who would rain ultimate destruction on “the Institutional Left” about three weeks, give or take, weather permitting. 

And, no, he didn’t actually reveal his dreaded Five-Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique for busting the balls of Radical Liberalism. But, judging from the clips of his offstage rampage at CPAC, it seems likely to involve continuing to be a self-promoting, confrontational hosebag/bully.

[H/T to Matt Yglesias, via Betty Cracker and Kevin K.]

PS: More Breitbart Fun-Blogging Photo Source is available here.

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Isn’t “red eye” slang for “asshole”? Why yes. Yes it is. Good name for the show.

Would somebody just kick Breitbart’s ass already and be done with it?

Enraged, gamma ray-infused Meta-Loon and New-Media-of-the-Absurd info-mogul Andrew Breitbart


Do you want me to forward the seething, spittle-flecked 3 AM “emaul” immediately or wait until after breakfast when you’ve had time to get your O’Keefe Derangement Syndrome all buffed ‘n’ polished?

This post is such a thing of beauty that I can’t decide whether to have it framed, or set up a hot buttered popcorn stand for when Mr. Breitbart drops by in person to kick off this Rain of Ultimate Destruction, only to have his butt handed to him in several tastefully pastel-tinted pails, as is the custom with all trolls hereabouts.

Betty, periodically, when he’s feeling down, Mr. Breitbart tweets about fisting, so I think you may have unlocked a code here.

Hannah Giles is one of the greatest human beings of all time…

Really?  I guess that really shouldn’t be that surprising considering the quality of folk Breitbart associates with - case in point - Greg Gutfeld. You are correct when you say “shitcom.”  It never gets easy watching this crap.

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