BULLETIN: PUMAs are still loathsome douchebags, racist fuckheads and all-around silly people

Okay, I cheated. I was curious how those PUMA simpletons were handling the McCain/Palin slip in the polls.  As you can imagine, not well.

Darragh “McCainiac” Murphy has compared Axelrod to Hitler and Lady Boomer NYC compared Obama to him as wellRiverchucky alerted her “Conflusions” that the Negroes are going to riot if their soul brutha doesn’t win and this blithering halfwit is still barking at parked cars.

I don’t even wanna look at what’s going on at Flowbee‘s place. My guess is that it’s something on par with this.

Everyone together…


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Riverchucky’s comment red-lined the ole irony meter:

Jeez, I wish these people would grow up already.  Did you see Clintonistas rioting when her delegates were brutally suppressed and threatened and she was cheated out of the nomination by Obama and her own party?

Those morons failed to riot only because there aren’t more than one or two in any given ZIP code. But Riverchucky and the PUMAs telling someone else to grow up? The same people who have been behaving like puling toddlers for months now? That’s just laugh-out-loud funny.

Oh, and here’s a fine representative of the PUMA movement in Kentucky via Wonkette. Sweet Jeebus without the benefit of a dental plan…

I love that video from Wonkette. It’s so nice to see Lady de Rothschild kicking it on her Kentucky estate.

Another addition to your list:  Gary ChapelHill describes increased African-American turnout as a nefarious plot.

Oh, damnit.  If someone wants to fix my html fail, that would be awesome.

PUMA’s like checking in with the Flat Earth Society from time to time: still flat? Yup, still flat.

I made the mistake of trying to comment on Riverdaughter’s blog Effluents, or whatever it is. Dissenters are deleted just as soon as the moderator gets back from therapy, so now I just write to the moderator herself. After the debate, which RD watched, as do many PUMAs, with the sound OFF, RD came to the conclusion that Obama bobbed his head like a preacher, like MLK or Jesse Jackson or “African American Icons”, which she found “imitative”.

My husband’s grandmother used to say, “When it comes to stupid people, ganisch helpfen” (nothing helps).

Oh, damnit.  If someone wants to fix my html fail


I’m afraid to look at the garychappedass link, though.  I’m still giggling about the fact that he posted a video of Annie’s “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow” last night and meant it as a good thing.

Why am I supposed to be sorry these people are disgusted with the Democratic party again? I’ve been pretty much begging them to change their party affiliations for months now.

Riverdaughter’s blog Effluents, or whatever it is

Effluents.  Love it.  Thanks for a great bright spot in a pretty weird day.

@Betty-Cracker: Any idea if that video is for real?  I just find it hard to imagine that anyone could be such a stereotypical hick.  It’s like out-takes from “Deliverance” or something…

Sean, I think it’s real. I know people who are that ignorant and incoherent. Heck, I’m related to some of them.

Damn it- you forced me to click through to these pesky PUMA sites and I cannot stomach what I find- although they are hilarious…almost as cringe-worthy as Palin.  They all deserve each other!  “On the left” my ass.  Nice poem:

Sunday, September 28, 2008
Nasty little Obamabot!

I opened the door again by allowing anonymous comments.

YOU walked in with your dirty shoes, dirty clothes, dirty hair, dirty skin and dirty mouth!

YOU are tyring to mess this place up and I won’t let YOU.

YOU are walking, talking filth.

YOU have been censored AGAIN!

I will keep doing it, AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN!

The thing is. . . the door may be open, but all that does it allow YOU into the mud room. That’s as far as the filth gets with me.

Be gone dirt.

Yep, they’re still as dane bramaged as before.  Case in point, from “TexasDarlin’”

Far from thinking you’re crazy, I had the very same experience the first time ever I saw Obama. I’ve always been aware that I was born with a built-in evil detector. It has manifested itself all my life, though of course when I was a child I didn’t know to call things “evil.” The alarm went off the first nano-second I saw Obama–I mean, instantaneously–and has not stopped sounding since, in fact grows louder and louder each day.
You are the third person I have encountered who reported this very same instant and extreme reaction to Obama.
I am not in any way psychic, nor have I ever felt loathing so
immediately intense and absolute for anyone or anything else.

You are the third person I’ve encountered who has reported this very same instant and extreme reaction to Obama. Perhaps we have an unusual brain structure or chemistry. Or maybe we have old souls and have lived through this before. Or, maybe we have been given a special intuition, or have an angel on our shoulders, or who knows what.

When I regard Sarah Palin, I see and feel light and joy and
naturalness. When I regard Obama and his wife, I see and feel
darkness, oppression, misery, total falseness, destruction, and death.

I join you, Brenda, in praying that God’s will is to confound this
evil and let the good shine on us all. Amen.”

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