Burning Man Walking


Americans just seem to have a soft spot for cranks, especially if they wear cowboy hats, sidearms and talk reeeaaaal sloooooow, like Mitch McConnell. 

And, for a certain cross-section of American society, it’s even more attractive if that crank is ignorantly eloquent about flouting any and all authority, from crossing guards to POTUS, because . . . . U.S.A. RUGGED INDIVIDUALISM, Yo? seasoned with a dash of arrested development.

Cliven Bundy is one such “Give Me Liberty or I’ll Take It,” kind of guy.  It takes a special kind of man to raise cattle in the desert and it “takes a village” to feed those suckers.  Our village.  That our taxes pay for.  But, unless you show up combat-ready, Cliven’s going to take whatever he can get his hands on.  Because he’s pretty convinced that that kind of behavior is what made America exceptional.  Plus he has a fairly unregulated militia to cover his back while he’s stealing . . . think Prairie Mafia.

Those are the makings for some tense stand-offs because no one really wants to shoot the old bugger, they just want him to pay his grazing fees . . . maybe out of the farm subsidies he collects
from the federal government that he refuses to recognize?

Still at an impasse, though, along comes creative life-affirming genius, and old hippie Sean Shealy, of Burning Man fame to offer a workshop in radical, yet peaceful land management practices that he calls—BUNDYFEST!

And since he’s so good at marketing these things and so passionate about celebrating Cliven Bundy’s contribution to our understanding of our fine American selves, let’s let Sean pitch it:

Last year’s Burning Man attendance was 61,000.  And, so, how big is Bundy’s Army, again?  And how likely are they to open fire on unarmed, naked stoners dancing in the mud?  Or the Los Angeles Gay Men’s Choir? 

As Farmer Bundy would say, sometimes you just have to face ‘em down.

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Heh.  I was hoping this link would show up in my web travels when I wasn’t on my soundless laptop, so thanks for that.  “Fucking anarchy” indeed!

Is the event for real?  Who knows, but I do suspect that Bundy and his band of not-so-merry domestic terrorists would be just as likely to threaten to kill naked hippies as they are federal agents, so hmmmmm….........

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