Can’t Believe I Forgot These Guys—Oh, Wait, I can

You know, I kind of miss the uncertainty of the primaries when it really, just maybe, sort of could be someone other than Mitt. Now that Ron Paul isn’t actively campaigning (just doing what, now, with delegates?), all we’re going to see is Willard running against himself, and that’s sad. His campaign knows he’s too awkward, and it shows:

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — The Romney campaign is renowned for its hyper-disciplined approach to the news media. Question-and-answer sessions with reporters are exceedingly rare. Aides avoid on-the-record briefings. And the candidate’s latest outreach to voters, a series of casual meetings with middle class Americans, is shielded from public view.

But on Wednesday morning, the campaign took that restrictiveness to a new level, leading to a brief kerfuffle with reporters and, later, an apologetic clarification.

After Mitt Romney finished delivering a speech, campaign aides told members of the traveling press corps that they could not join the audience or approach the rope line where Mr. Romney shakes voters’ hands and engages in casual conversation with them.

It’s the old “chameleon on plaid” problem. They just can’t be sure what old “Walkbalk Willard” will say in front of the media-types.  That’s why he’s also keeping mum on details regarding his foreign policy and what he really means to do for the economy, I’m sure.  It couldn’t possibly be because he’s been running for president for something like six years (or his whole life) and has simply never nailed down where he stands on things.  Unless, you know, it’s because he hasn’t.

Which is why I’m still holding out for an interesting VP pick, no matter what the experts say. So I’m back looking at some more possibilities for the Veep hunt—or rather, covering two names I missed because….I just wasn’t casting the net out that far, you know?

On the off-chance Ron Paul is using that delegate business for some kind of convention leverage, why not take a second look at Aqua Buddha, I mean, Rand, Son of Ron?

Oh, yeah.  He’s kind of a dumbass. (Even reliable hater Tony Perkins thought that went too far.) There is that.  And then there’s his whole light bulb/toilet fetish thing. And how he doesn’t seem to know what government is for.

You know, I just can’t see this one.

The other person who isn’t that remote a possibility is Mike Huckabee. He kind of has promise in that he comes off as warm and personable, like when he’s jamming with Ted Nugent. He’d probably help with the evangelical vote. But a recent comment of his from a letter to Citizen’s United supporters encapsulates for me why he just wouldn’t be a good fit:

Listen, you’re a person of faith and so am I. In his administration and now on his re-election campaign, President Obama has surrounded himself with morally repugnant political whores with misshapen values and gutter-level ethics.

Huh.  That’s pretty harsh, wouldn’t you say? Whores.  Like, people who might do favors for gifts or money? With gutter-level ethics?

Man, I sure do hate me some political whores with gutter-level ethics, I tell you what. But that’s beside the point. What I wanted to say is Huckabee has some kind of radio show and it looks like it could be more lucrative than politics and far more in tune with his particular skill-set.
Damn. This election year really makes me want to cover a debt-ceiling debate instead, or something.

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Republicans should, definitely, be seen and not heard . . .

Jay Leno says that Republicans have a better sense of humor than Democrats and can laugh at themselves. He meant they are the only ones who laugh at their “jokes”. And not even that much.

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