Cap’n Crunch Sails into Searchlight Rally

It seems that no Conservative conclave is complete without Revolutionary-smack-talking dress-up patriot William Temple, who perfectly embodies the symbolism-over-substance voiditude of the Tea Party movement and its “whatever-it-is-I’m-against-it” counterparts on the Establishment Right.

Temple—who is quickly becoming the Wavy Gravy of the Dour-Power Generation—appeared today at the “Kick Out Harry Reid” hate-o-ganza in Searchlight, NV.

Rumproast readers will recall his previous materializations at Tea Party Nation and CPAC. Here’s a bonus Youtube clip of the Cap’n out-cuckooing the Cocoa Puffs bird on immigration, States’ Rights and oppressive open-carry regulations on muskets. 

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Personally, I think that if Tom Paine came back from the dead, he’d make it a priority to find this self-proclaimed “admirer”, and punch his lights out.

But that’s just me.

No plans, no idea on how to actually run something, but lots of costume fun at the Jingo Jamboree! Imagine if the colonists had thrown tea into Boston Harbor, and then burned an effigy of George Washington for being Revolutionary In Name Only.

Thomas Jefferson would have to strike the “self-evident” from the Declaration, as We the Peabrained are incapable of holding any truth self-evident. And John Adams would smack this boob on the nose with a rolled-up copy of the Constitution.

I cannot tell you how I hate that idiots fake accent, it just pisses me the hell off.

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