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In the last few days some absurdly over the top and hilarious (or disgusting depending on your point of view) comparisons have been made.  Here’s a straw poll to decide which one is the most craptastic:

1.  Aptly named Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL) compares efforts by himself and other Republican Congresspeeps to defund Obamacare to the actions of Rosa Parks, Lech Walesa and Martin Luther King.  Because fighting to deny affordable health care for people is exactly the same as fighting to secure civil rights and freedom for other people.

2.  Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) compares the Obamacare defunders to Revolutionary War soldiers.  He admits that he’s fighting a losing battle on the defunding front but manages to massage his comparison so that a small heroic group of Revolutionaries rallied the masses who apparently were just fine with British oppression up to then.  Bonus points for re-writing history!

3.  And last but by no means least, Robert Benmosche, CEO of AIG goes all the way there and compares public anger at the large AIG bonuses paid out after the company crashed itself and most of the economy to lynchings of black people in the South.  Yes.  Actual quote:  “The uproar over bonuses “was intended to stir public anger, to get everybody out there with their pitch forks and their hangman nooses, and all that–sort of like what we did in the Deep South [decades ago]. And I think it was just as bad and just as wrong.”  I can’t even . . . well, ‘nuff said.

Cast your votes in comments but myself, I gotta go with door #3. 

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Yeah, I gotta go with #3 there. Mostly, it’s because of the “Oh yeah, he went there” moment when the guy suggested that receiving tons of money and then being the target of some obscene rants is the equivalent of extrajudicial murder. Honestly, if dude thinks this is rough, he should be lucky that the Black Bloc types don’t have more clout.

But he also earns bonus points for not understanding why anyone would be upset, while also implying that we’re all stupid. “Oh, it’s not excessive for financial markets.” It is when it’s taxpayer funded. It’s business as usual for you; meanwhile, we’re having a discussion on how many dead poor people is considered an acceptable loss.

My preferences are #3, #1, & #2 in descending order for win, place, & show, but unlike a horse race I don’t think we get to shoot the losers. Extra points & an Un-Congeniality Award to Benmosche for being a clueless jerk about how offensive his remarks are, & for trying to justify egregiously large bonuses for himself & his colleagues at AIG while the company was hanging onto the financial cliff by its investors’ fingernails.

Great picks, @mar.  Hard to decide but I guess I have to go with #3, #1, #2, like @Stentor.  No white American gets to draw false equivalencies on race. Period!

Lee is just another paunchy, balding white guy with a recently acquired sense of history. ICK!

As a former AIG employee (I got better), I have to go with Benmosche being the douchiest of the three.

Yeah, that lynching comment is exceptionally clueless. “Just as bad and just as wrong”? The man has no useful perspective, being nestled within his own colon like that.

Allright, allright. I see it’s up to me to take the contrary view. Again.

I’ll take #1 just for the unbelievable breadth of his comparison.

@QinaB - I agree that’s a pretty breathtaking attempt to hijack the efforts of actual human rights heroes in the cause of stripping people from what should be a guaranteed right.  Probably #‘s 1 and 3 are ties.  What’s really appalling is that these people are saying this stuff with straight faces and, as far as I can see, getting no push back from the MSM on it.  OH, right, I forgot.  Chuck Todd.

Supporters of #1 are right, it carries douchy as far as it can go and maybe a little further, but it’s been part of the Republican repertoire for years—how long have they been telling us that Dr. King opposed affirmative action because of that dream of his? Whereas #3 is just breathtakingly original and gets my vote.

Whereas #3 is just breathtakingly original and gets my vote.

You definitely have a point here.  Hugely privileged white assholes comparing themselves to lynchings of black Americans does take the breath away.  Now if they’d compared themselves to, say, guillotined French aristocrats we could all nod sagely and agree.  And start circling around them . . . and knitting . . .

#3 apparently got the hint and did one of those douchetastic “I could have chosen better words” non-apologies.  Everyone keep right on knitting; you just know this guy’s gonna dig a deeper hole.

“I could have chosen better words” non-apologies

Dang, he actually had enough self-awareness to realize what a stoopid thing he’d said.  But, as you say, won’t be long until he’s doubling down on the victimhood of AIG losers and how we should all be respecting how they’ve suffered without their bonuses.

Again:  Where are the tumbrels when you need them?

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