‘Cause “Modern Family” Has Made Me See Things In A New Light

Did someone say something about Pantload?

Shorter Doughy Pantload:

As gays become bourgeois

Now that gays have decided to give up their sordid immoral ways I guess we should *let* them get married.  After all we’re going to let them get killed off in the military anyway.

Because, until “Modern Family” came along, no gays or lesbians ever had long term monogamous relationships or raised children.

Dear Pantload:



Posted by marindenver on 12/28/10 at 07:45 PM • Permalink

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Instead of “Sincerely, marindenver,” perhaps the better sign off is “Love, Sidney.”

Comment by MikeJ on 12/28/10 at 07:54 PM

Lucianne Goldberg’s darling boy can FOADIAF for me as well. Especially after his contention that gay people worked hand in hand with Nazis.

(Second link comes back here.)

Thanks, HTP, I have fixed it.  Heaven forbid anyone be denied the chance to read that stinking load in the original. ;-)

Heaven forbid anyone be denied the chance to read that stinking load in the original.

Can I just skip reading the original and wish him a speedy trip to Hell?

I’m missing something, apparently. I’m actually grateful for the increase in everyday gay/lesbian relationships in popular culture, especially hits like Modern Family. It’s helped get us to the end of DADT and soon, DOMA.

Heaven forbid anyone be denied the chance to read that stinking load in the original.

I see too late that you were only trying to protect us from the full effects of unfiltered PantLoad. The stupid, it buuuurns!

As gays become bourgeois

Bo-homos in Paradise?


Personally, I have always felt that gay marriage was an inevitability, for good or ill (most likely both). I do not think that the arguments against gay marriage are all grounded in bigotry, and I find some of the arguments persuasive. But I also find it cruel and absurd to tell gays that living the free-love lifestyle is abominable while at the same time telling them that their committed relationships are illegitimate too.

Ooooo! NRO colleague Maggie Gallagher is gonna be sooooooo pissed!

They’re not being too kind to Loadedhosen in the comments. My favorite so far:

I’m confused. Is this essay a parody of Ann Coulter?

so much depends

a doughy

glazed with Cheetoh

beside the white

Great haiku snark, lacp.

I’m missing something, apparently.

Evie, you’re missing the great gobs of privilege rolling down doughy’s face and dripping off onto the floor.

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