Cheers: 47% Taper to Reveal Himself, 100% Chance of RW Tantrums

The source of the sensation of the 2012 election campaign, the Romney 47% video, is set to reveal himself to the world this evening, according to HuffPo. To blow further sand up Mitt’s underoos, it appears his offhand attitude to the waitstaff bit him in the ass:

The man, who tended bar for a company that catered to a high-end clientele, had previously worked at a fundraiser at a home where [Bill] Clinton spoke. After Clinton addressed guests, the man recalled, the former president came back to the kitchen and thanked the staff, the waiters, the bartenders, the busboys, and everyone else involved in putting the event together. He shook hands, took photos, signed autographs, and praised the meal—all characteristic of the former president.

When the bartender learned he would be working at Romney’s fundraiser, his first thought was to bring his camera, in case he had a chance to get a photo with the presidential candidate.

Romney, of course, did not speak to any of the staff, bussers or waiters. He was late to the event, and rushed out. He told his dinner guests that the event was off the record, but never bothered to repeat the admonition to the people working there.
The bartender said he never planned to distribute the video. But after Romney spoke, the man said he felt he had no choice.

“I felt it was a civic duty. I couldn’t sleep after I watched it,” he said. “I felt like I had a duty to expose it.”

HuffPo—which, like Mother Jones, whose David Corn played the crucial role in standing the story up after snippets of unattributed tape had appeared on YouTube (not to forget the contribution of James Carter, of course), has shown admirable restraint in protecting its source—ran some more background on him earlier today:

Once the full tape aired, he said he knew he’d have to quit his bartending job. “I knew I was forfeiting the right to work there,” he explained. He said he had bartended events for half the guests at the Romney speech. They all knew him and probably suspected what he had done, he said. He felt like he couldn’t just go back to work. “I was worried I was going to end up dead.”

“I was the only person in that specific spot,” he said of where he positioned his camera that night. “There was no real doubt. I could say that they know. My employers knew and the people I worked with knew that I did it.”

No one fingered him.

Releasing the video was worth risk to his wallet, he said. “It’s a bigger issue than a part-time catering job,” he explained. “I felt like it was my duty. I felt the guy was dangerous, to be honest. ... The one thing I didn’t hear in his voice—I didn’t hear an ounce of empathy whatsoever. ... That kind of scared me a little bit.”

I hope this guy is truly prepared for the backlash he’s likely to face from the vengeful RW thuggerati. Better polish those countertops. He’s no doubt had plenty of practice.

More: The big reveal happens on MSNBC’s The Ed Show at 8pm ET tonight (followed by a slot on HuffPo Live tomorrow morning):

The ’47% tape’ and the man who revealed the real Mitt Romney

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I like the fact that when I first played it, the trailer was prefaced by an ad for a heartburn remedy.

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That lack of empathy scared a lot of people, Mr. Bartender. That’s why Drony-McKilly-not-a-progressive-President-Hates-the-base won re-election.

One more thing. That lack of empathy? It’s a feature, not a bug.

That lack of empathy? It’s a feature, not a bug.

It’s going to be grimly entertaining witnessing the contortions of those who were avidly cheering Mitt on for speaking truth to the less powerful and egging him on to do it more, as they pivot to pillorying the barkeep for spilling the beans.

They had a short clip of the interview on MSNBC earlier - the full thing will be on Ed Schultz this afternoon.  Schultz said the guy’s received death threats.  Not too surprised really.  Threatening to kill and/or rape people seems to be what the fRighties do these days.

Threatening to kill and/or rape people seems to be what the fRighties do these days.

Well, the nice thing about being the Team with Empathy is that we look out for one another.

Bartender person, if you start feeling too much troll heat, I bet you there are at least 50 million Democrats who’d be willing to give you some shade and pour you a drink, on the house.

Unlike people who get immediately outed for whatever reason (won the lottery, has Mitt! diss their homemade cookies, etc.), this guy has had time to think it over, and one hopes, time to get an unlisted phone number and move a number of times to cover where he lives.  I really do hope so, because we all know the shit storm that is about to be unleashed on this guy, and all for the crime of having a conscience.  I feel for the guy, and I hope he doesn’t have any outdoor pets.

Well, SOAS, from what he says, quite a number of people (including some of the rich ‘uns he’d served before) would have had a damn good guess who it was, so at this point I think the more publicity he gets, the better for his and his family’s safety. He’s still a brave guy.

Cue “that avalanche of semi-coherent death threats is from liberal infiltrators trying to make conservatives look bad!”

I really do hope so, because we all know the shit storm that is about to be unleashed on this guy

Cue Malkin’s exposure of his counter tops in 3 . . 2. . .

Cue Breitbrats bitching about media bias and deceptive reporting in 3… 2…

YAFB, I have to wonder why the richies that knew who he was never said anything before this; did they not want the publicity of being the guy who outted the guy who taped Rmoney being excessively snooty?  Too meta/complicated, or did they not like Rmoney all that much either?  My vote is on the latter.

Do yourselves all a favor & watch the segment regarding Ted Cruz & the 47% to see a related issue with the present Republican leadership. Because I think this mentality is going to continue to hurt them in the 2014 mid-term elections. Hopefully the Democrats can gain enough seats in the House & a couple more seats in the Senate to lock up a supermajority, then Obama should just jam the stick forward, & push as much legislation & as many judicial nominees as possible.

The taper is called Scott Prouty. David Corn has the details.

The 47 percent tapir?

Go read the David Corn link folks, not only is this guy handy with a camera, he’s also a certified, saved-woman-from-submerged-car hero! I wonder how Malkin’s flying monkeys are going to try to twist that?

Put in Simpsons terms, “Moe beats Mr Burns!”  I love it… here we have a decent working class bartender taking down an overprivileged sociopathic teetotaller.  Being somewhat of a tavern frequenter, I love bartenders, and would never think of stiffing the “help”.  Waitstaff and bussers do hard physical labor for lowered minimum wage, and have to deal with customers who demean them, so they deserve extra sympathy. Mitt never learned that lesson= apparently he went immediately into his “bullying jocularity” mode and pissed off the wrong guy.

If Mr Prouty gets harassed by right-wing nutbars, he should move to NYC and open up a bar.  He would be well taken care of.

Great job Scott Prouty! Willard fumbled after disclosure, and when he lost the election, he went back to the same words, so come on Willard, face it, your own words lost the election, man up Willard, man up. Willard didn’t even get all registered GOP voters out to vote for him, plus the GOP states that passed all those voter restriction, tick people off, and all those states elected President Obama. Willard was the worse candidate ever, even England dubbed Willard “Mitt the twit”. We have been sick and tried of all your Corporate Welfare and tax breaks and the fact that you don’t pay any federal income taxes, but hey keep your ill gotten money, we don’t want you or your money. Willard you were taught an important message….You can’t buy everything with money!

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