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At National Review Online, Mark Krikorian urges faster completion of the fence to keep the dang Messicans out before they go all pre-Columbian on our asses:

The third mayor in one week has been killed in Mexico, this one in Michoacan, one of the main sources of immigration to the U.S. He was stoned to death.

Maybe his killers borrowed the method of execution from the misunderstanders of the Religion of Peace, just like with Mexican beheadings. If the Mexicans are going to get all medieval, will they eventually start borrowing from their own barbarous ancestors?

Note to fence-builders: faster, please.

NRO colleague Kathryn Jean Lopez gently remonstrates:

I want America to protect her borders as much as the next guy, but I don’t think Mark needs to bring the Aztecs into the immigration debate

Of course, Krikorian isn’t the only NRO hack to bring Aztecs into the immigration debate—it’s kind of an NRO tradition.

I wonder if the white doods at NRO avoid K-Lo in the break room for fear she’ll reach into their chest cavities and rip out their still-beating hearts…

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Now if the Aztecs had stuck to Christian traditions such as the iron maiden the rack, the wheel and burning at the stake, Krikorian Chant would be happy to welcome the people who are not really related to the Aztecs at all because Christians wiped them out with the gifts of slavery and smallpox.

What a heaving horde of dumb motherfuckers.

It appears that Messicans have gone from being the friendly Frito Banditos of Krikorian’s imagination to the cast of Apocalypto.

will they eventually start borrowing from their own barbarous ancestors?

Yes, unlike our White European ancestors, who slaughtered Aztecs and savagely genocided just about every indigenous people in the Western Hemisphere. But collecting ears and decorating your saddle with Sioux genitalia is OK when we do it, because we mean well.

If I were K-Lo, I’d start telling everyone at the office I’m Cuban. Cubans are happy and harmless, and they hate Castro. Conservative like Cubans, and treat them almost as good as Whites.

If I were K-Lo, I’d start telling everyone at the office I’m Cuban.

That would work. Of course, she’d have to specify that she was descended from pre-Mariel Boat Lift Cubans. Everyone knows the cream of the crop fled between 1959 and 1979. The rest are highly suspect and possibly not even nearly white! Well, except for Elian Gonzales. He had magic dolphins to vouch for him.

I had an interesting exchange with Krikorian a while back that I diaried at the GOS.

@ Allan: Mmmmm…pasteles!

@Allan - Not sure you got through to him but it was an excellent attempt.  It’s that inability to see beyond their own noses that marks the true conservatives.

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