Chimpy W. McFlightsuit II

Rush Limbaugh’s little bro David tweeted this picture because he thinks it helps the Perry campaign. The Perry campaign thinks so too, responding to a request for comment from Politico (cursed be its name) with, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”


Now, if you embrace the Limbaugh worldview, military machismo sets your man-boobs aquiver. (The military service of others, that is; when it comes to actual shootin’ wars, chickenhawks like Rush Limbaugh tend to punk out with an ass cyst or deferment of some sort.) To that mindset, this photo spread would indeed redound to the credit of the codpiece wearer while evoking pleasurable ooga-booga sensations vis-à-vis the president with the scary middle name.

But there are fewer and fewer Americans every year who can be manipulated by such primitive means, Allah be praised. As Steve M points out, if the last several presidential elections are any indication, Americans do not require their leaders to have served in the military, preferring instead to evaluate candidates on rigorous standards such as “he would be fun to have a beer with” or “he has a cool campaign logo.”

But aside from uselessly beating the long-deceased horse of military service, Perry’s codpiece photo might have the unintended consequence of further solidifying the connection between Perry and the original Commander Codpiece. Since he already comes across as a cheap Shrub knock-off, I don’t think Perry can afford to reinforce that meme.

PS: Does the Limbaugh (k)clan own the white-sheet franchise in Missouri? Rush Limbaugh has been a public racist cretin for three decades now, and his little brother thinks it’s amusing to label an African American man “boy.” If I were unfortunate enough to be related to those creeps, I think I’d change my last name to something a bit less toxic. “Bedford-Forrest” perhaps.

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Anyone else hear Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone” whenever they see that pic of the Rickster (aka Governor Goodhair)? And I don’t mean it in a good way.

Also, don’t know about all of you, but I would totally vote for the cool-looking dude on the right over the total poser on the left (even if I knew nothing about either candidate).

And as Future President Al Franken once said, Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot.

Christ, if the Limbaughs played any more race cards, they could open their own Klan Kasino.

And adults will be ...

Nine months ago, the one on the right was President of the United States and the one on the left was hawking a book he wrote which he is pretending does not exist now.

Actually, I see a Chaps by Ralph Lauren logo in the picture on the left. And I don’t mean that in a straight way.

There’s something a little phony about any 22yo American male. But one here is resorting to elaborate costuming and highly staged antics and the other has merely bought a questionable hat.

You’d think after the first two attempts that people would get over their “Republican former pilot(!)” obsession.

Well, third time’s a charm, right?

Since he already comes across as a cheap Shrub knock-off, I don’t think Perry can afford to reinforce that meme.

Yes, yes, absolutely, and very much so. I’ll take even money Perry doesn’t have a miscarried little brother pickled in a fetus jar. Talk about pro life creds, GWB haz em. No way Perry could top that. Put that cheese on yer Chimpy McBurger.

This puts a small dent in my theory that Republicans suck at humor.  The pill poppin’ whore monger is actually not half bad at it.  Not sure I’m buying the racist angle, but I’m waspy so my opinion doesn’t count.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I think this picture is a perfect Rohrshack blot for the viewer—people who are predisposed to worship the military, to have high anxiety about their own sexuality, to be racist, and to be old fucked up white people are going to look at those two pictures and have their basic presuppositions reinforced. The fact that if you don’t look at it and see Boys/boys, White/Black, Good/Evil, Manly/Unmanly, Brave/Cowardly is going to be a further provocation to the far right. It will just prove how awful we are for

a) not caring
b) rolling on the floor laughing
c) looking at that picture of Perry and thinking “so? what did he do with the rest of his life” and, similarly, looking at Obama and thinking “what a class act he turned out to be.”


What’s that you say? Sorry I can’t hear you thanks to all that wingnut fapping over the picture on the left…

That’s the most damning pic since the shot of Obama with a turbine on his head.

Surely the voters will stampede to Perry now.

(At first glance I thought the Perry pic was Bush.)

Comment by Xecky Gilchrist on 08/25/11 at 10:13 AM

That the same Perry who thought it amusing to scare the shit out people by tossing explosives down plumbing?  If the dude on the right had done that ... OMG!

Unfortunately for D. Limbuagh, Perry looks blacker and cockier than Obama, and makes me feel like he wants to bomb White people.

Unintended consequences, indeed.

Obama was not 22 in that picture, he was a freshman in college (so 18 or 19) and the one shown is part of an actual photo shoot done by a real photographer at her request for her portfolio. 

But otherwise I guess the wingers can just pretend that an unemployed 22 year old Obama hung out on street corners with a cig stuck in his mouth.  In between community organizin’ gigs or something.

Ha, Maha has a good revision to this at her blog.

Fuck Perry. He wanted to take out life insurance policies on all retired Texas teachers as a way to goose State revenues.

Hmmm. One needs a megaphone to be heard over all the dogwhistling.

Last time I checked, the mofo on the right is still the most Bin-Laden-killing president ever.*

*Stolen from Colbert.

It was pointed out elsewhere that Perry actually was cheerleader in college at the time Limbaugh is claiming he’s a war hero.

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