Chris Hayes Gets 8 PM Show at MSNBC

So says the NYT Media Decoder blog. Ed Schultz will get a weekend slot, presumably between prison documentaries. Huzzah, I say. I agree with Schultz on most things but find his schtick irritating. Hayes is thoughtful and informative.

Now if MSNBC would only shit-can Reverend Al and replace him with Joy Reid! And dropkick Tweety in favor of someone who can get through a paragraph without mentioning his stint in the Peace Corps, obsession with JFK or the Camelot of Comity that existed when Tip O’Neill and Ronald Reagan broke bread. Then, the network would actually have a watchable lineup instead of just the fabulous Rachel and the Not-Rachels.

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Well for starters they could get rid of Morning Schmoe, his twinkie sidekick and Mark Halperin.  Then I could actually watch the telly with my breakfast.

It took me a long time to warm up to Ed Schultz, I think it was the fact that he reminded me overmuch of El Rushbo when I first heard him.

I agree. I have a soft spot in my heart for Shultze and agree with Sharpton 99% of the time but can barely watch them (especially Sharpton!). Joy Reid’s a great suggestion (just saw her guest hosting someone’s show and she did great. Alex Wagner would be good as well. I look forward to watching Hayes at 8. he would be a good lead in for Maddow, but I’ll miss him on weekends. It’s the only show on TV that requires an IQ above room temp to watch.

I would keep Rev. Al and dump Tweetie. I like Ed but I think once or twice a week is enough as watching him exhausts me.

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