Christian Taliban Pressures Smithsonian into Removing Surrealist AIDS Video

Long story short: The Smithonian’s National Portait Gallery is hosting a privately-funded exhibition of icky LGBT “art” and “media.” The installations included an edited, four-minute version of the late David Wojnarowicz’ video, “A Fire in My Belly,” an enormously disturbing image collage that includes glimpses of male masturbation, fake blood, Mexican mummies and A CRUCIFIX WITH ANTS ON IT.

Fast forward: The Catholic League freaks. Boehner and Cantor threaten the Smithsonian’s public financing. The Smithsonian caves, and Christendom is spared the sight of ants on Jesus (who, in real life, endured much worse than ants)...although visitors can still see Naked Brothers Kissing and Ellen DeGeneres grabbing her breasts, which are also offensive to Christians but don’t impugn the Catholic worship of graven images, which offends only God.

Thanks to everyone who sat out the midterms, hoping that Republican victories would chasten the wayward Dems!

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One of the tribalistic acts that Republicans engage in after a successful election season is symbolically peeing in the corners of my home-town city.

The usual suspects are the Smithsonian and PBS.  Well, that and denying funding for basic upkeep to the public areas of the Mall and environs.

I know that as an Obot, I should respect all political perspectives, no matter how different they are from my own.  I just can’t help but really hate these fuckers.

Again, those so offended do not read or understand the Bible, and consistently “Offend God” in the name of our Lord. My latest irritation is Christians who have no problem with war, torture, execution, greed,and have 0 compassion for their fellow man. Only abortions and art seem to bother them.
The latest from my twitter:
Fake Christian Mike Huckabee calls for leaker to be executed. Mike Please read Exodus 20:2–17

Anyone else feel a vague sense of frustration that free speech has made cause célèbres of so many terrible artists whose work we would never seek out willingly?

@Deuce MacInaugh—Is that another slam against the trailer for Cowboys Vs. Aliens? Let it go, dude. At least it’s not Jonah Hex II.

At least it’s not Jonah Hex II.

Or the Star Wars Christmas Special in 3D.

Or the Star Wars Christmas Special in 3D.

Or Christina Aguilera’s reinterpretation of the master works of Bizet.

free speech has made cause célèbres of so many terrible artists

career cause célèbre, thank you verra much! But it’s not as if using yams as suppositories isn’t like work, you know. It’s very much work. XXOO, Karen Finley*

*Actually, I quite like her, while she’s frequently annoying the hell out of me. I guess I feel she just went a yam too far.

Finley once scolded an audience member at a show I was at for laughing at something—I think it was her curtain-raiser, “It’s Only Art,” for “We Keep Our Victims Ready” (aka—The Nude Chocolate Show). She had some line about fundies tearing through museums and taking down Michelangelo’s work because he was gay. A guy in the audience laughed (hey, I thought she was going for a joke as well—a pretty inept one, but still). She stopped and said “It’s not FUNNY that he’s gay.”

So she kinda lost me from that point on. Plus, she’s nowhere near as terrific as Holly Hughes. Or Reno, for that matter.

Beats the hell out of “Two Girls, One Cup,” anyway.

On Good Friday at my church, we have to take a nail and pound it into a cross to acknowledge our contribution to humanity’s sin that made our Lord and Savior suffer that awful death.

Four seconds of ants crawling over a plastic crucifix? What a bunch of wimps.

Don’t they know we’re all the ants?

I had a Finley experience like that too, must’ve been 8 years ago; I liked her personally, but the show was pretty damn terrible. Maybe I’m just overly biased against modern art, though.

(And nobody give Lucas any ideas.)

Came across this blog while looking up articles on the subject and loved your take on it.  Hilarious!  So the Catholic church demonizes homosexuality for hundreds of years, claiming gay people will end up eternally tortured in hell.  Then one gay artist responds by demonizing their symbolic caucasian Jesus via ants.  Sounds fair.  lol

Ya know, ants are technically supposed to be “God’s creation” and all that.  Who’s to say ants are a bad thing?  The tiny Jesus they were crawling on was probably made by a Buddhist in Indonesia.

Clarissa, given that their cult has sold billions of copies of an operating manual that calls homosexuality an “abomination,” there’s enough hypocrisy in the Catholic League’s outrage over the disrespectful treatment of a plastic doll to fill the Great Pyramid of Cheops.

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