Circling the Wagons


Willard Mitt Romney, who is supposedly a grown-up person, and is running for kind of an *important* job, namely President of the United States, seems to think cruising Pres. Obama’s fund raising events in his bus for the purpose of honking the horn at, um, the building is so cool that he keeps doing it!

Steve Benen’s take:

I sometimes think about something President Obama said in his inaugural address: “We remain a young nation, but in the words of Scripture, the time has come to set aside childish things.”

If someone could let Obama’s opponent know, I’d appreciate it.

Thinking about it though, perhaps circling buildings with his bus is just a metaphor for the circular positions his campaign is taking in which the answer to all questions asked about Willard’s positions come around to Obama’s supposed failure to lead on the issue and nothing about Willard’s actual ideas ever come forth.  This video over at TPM is a perfect example.  Soledad O’Brien asks Romney’s surrogate for five minutes whether Romney supports the upheld portion of the Arizona immigration law and for five minutes the surrogate says the issue isn’t about Romney, it’s about Obama.  Even though the question was, you know, what does ROMNEY think?

He and his surrogates have taken this same tack when asked specifically what spending cuts he would make, what programs he would cut or reduce and what tax loopholes he would get rid of in order to pay for the taxes he would cut.  Round and round, honking noises, going nowhere.  Willard’s little bus stunts are just extensions of any position he has on anything.  Or, more accurately, doesn’t have.

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Compared with Obama shushing supporters booing Romney.  Total class vs total ass.

Well, what kind of campaign would you fashion in order to appeal to moldy, fringe Wingnuts?

Shouldn’t Michelle Malkin be investigating those countertops? They look granite, and Romney said he’s unemployed.

More like circling the bowl!

The Merry Prankster is just putting his bus where his mouth is on responsible energy stewardship.  Bet he plays The Young Rascals “Cruising on a Sunday Afternoon” while he’s spinning his wheels. Tool . . .

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