Clap Harder for Tinkerbell, Damn You!

A person could well ask why there were so many standing ovations for Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu at his pretty basic speech yesterday, but gosh—who doesn’t know? It’s because if you are not clapping briskly, comrade, what are you thinking?

Because this is where the politicization of foreign policy has taken us. I’ve offered my immediate impressions of why being impressed with the speech is kind of wrong, because it’s wrongly-premised and offers no legitimately not-awful strategy on my “boutique blog”, but my longer term concern is that Netanyahu thinks we’re easy. When it came to entering the Iraq War, you bet a lot of us were. But we can learn from history. And history did not really support the action of invading Iraq, and that the WMD claims weren’t solid absolutely did matter.

The other concern I have is that we’ve dumbed down the discourse so far that the knee-jerk “Hitler/Chamberlain” thing is supposed to work on us like we’re Pavlov’s trained dogs. Netanyahu hinted at it in his speech, but smart-person-talking-down-to-dumb-people-and-overshooting-the-mark Ted Cruz just brings it out like that (like the demagogue he is). As lazy and inaccurate analogies go, it’s way up there, for me. Negotiation is in essence a give and take—something has to give. That’s not appeasement. (Also not appeasement are détente, economic sanctions, and bombing the shit out of people without “boots on the ground”.) And I am at a loss to see how the influence of Iran in any other nation is exactly like, say, invading Poland. For that matter, what would we call the regular negotiations Reagan and Gorbachev made together? Appeasing the Soviet Union?

In any event, I never really clapped for Tinkerbell, myself. Sometimes one might, politely, clap so as not to be a fink, when everyone is pulling for a hero. . But the whole Lost Boys and Peter Pan dynamic was f’d up IMHO and Tink should have gone out like a G to inject a little adulthood in Neverland.

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It’s quite the spectacle, watching our elected reps. outsource foreign policy to a right-wing demagogue from another country.

You know, if you try to have a look at the world through Iran’s eyes, well, it’s pretty clear that the Arab/Sunni states (meaning all the rest of them, except Iran) would like nothing better (plus the God points) than completely eliminating Iran from the world.  The Sunni/Shiite divide is kinda ugly that way. 

Bibi would like the same thing of course, but for every ME country except his, so this speech is his version of “let’s you and him fight”, just to keep his local enemies busy while his personal theocratic vision is carried out.  That he’s trying to sucker us into being the well-muscled towering moron who will do his fighting for him should be fairly obvious.  I guess rethugs don’t mind being used this way as long as it gets all explode-y and their buds in the defense industry make some serious $; wounded and dead US soldiers are just handy campaign props for them. 

As someone who married into a Jewish family (an extremely liberal one), this stuff with Bibi makes me both livid and worried.  He does NOT represent all US Jews, or even a majority.  He DOES run the chance of kicking anti-Semitism into overdrive here, and it’s not like we haven’t seen all forms of racism pick up as the rethugs have become the white Christian Identity party in all but name, thanks to the speed at which their most right-ward members keep galloping further right.

A person could well ask why there were so many standing ovations for Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu at his pretty basic speech yesterday, but gosh—who doesn’t know?

Fifty Shades of “Yay!”

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