Class is Out for Summer: Wanker to Watch

You know who I’ve been seeing everywhere on the liberal blogs, lately? Markwayne Mullin. Now that the congress critters have returned to their districts, it’s always National Geographic-style fun to see them operating in their own habitats, but M-Squared is really giving great value for the attention. So far, he’s done climate science denial:

(May I direct Rep. Mullin to Ken Burn’s rather good take on the Dust Bowl—entirely worth anyone’s time, not least of all that of a representative from the great state of Oklahoma, where the wind does indeed come sweeping down the plains, all right.)


made a classic “welfare queen/young bucks on food stamps” claim regarding seeing “fit people” on SNAP,

agreed with a birther, albeit possibly in an “If I agree with you, will you go away bad lady?” kind of way,


aaaannnnd he’s made the absurd claim that raising the minimum wage to $10 will raise the price of a hamburger at Micky-D’s to $20:


(Totally annihilated by ThinkProgress).

He’s factually wrong, when he’s articulate enough to be making any kind of point at all. I don’t know if I want him to stop, or to be blogfodder forever. Shine on, you crazy rhinestone.

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This guy has basically outsourced all of his cognitive functions to AEI and the Cato Institute.

That bit about the cashier not knowing that groceries could be paid for with cash is the cherry on top of the Koch sundae.

Markwayne Mullin, still not crazy enough for the ‘baggers.  I don’t know if this guy comes across more like a psycho preacher or a professional wrestler.

Markwayne Mullin, still not crazy enough for the ‘baggers.  I don’t know if this guy comes across more like a psycho preacher or a professional wrestler.

ummm, excuse me B4, maybe you’re forgetting . . . OKLAHOMA! land of the free and home of the Inhofe?

My parents were born in Oklahoma and I was born in Texas.  Remember me in your prayers.

As a follow-up, in an echo of the “you didn’t build that” arguments, it turns out that Rep. Mullin took a nice amount of federal stimulus money.

Huh. Seems fit to me.

I love it when he says it’s a dead issue, & she replies with no it isn’t, like some petulant child who thinks that if they can just magically pull out the right piece of evidence, then all will be proven correct, & the bad black man who stole the elections from John McCranky, Caribou Barbie, R-Money, & the Zombie-Eyed-Granny-Starver will be defeated. What a fucking looney-tunes crackpot, that bitch needs to have the guys with the nets & a jacket with the extra-long sleeves come & take her away in a padded van to one of the rubber rooms in her local mental-health facility, just like all the other birthers.

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