Classless Palin Uses Thanksgiving Message to Mock Obama, Slam the Media [UPDATED]

While the Illegitimate Kenyan Usurper was encouraging Americans to “look out for one another” during these difficult times and reminding us to honor and thank the many thousands of US troops whose holidays are observed in the shadow of war, America’s Back-Seat Driver™ took to her Facebook soapbox to show us all how a Real Leader commemorates the National Day of Thanks—by peevishly lashing out at her critics over their reporting of her recent “North Korea” gaffe, and clearing the air over rumors that she’s trying to wrangle a slot for Christine O’Donnell on Dancing With The Stars. You know—the sort of Important Leader Stuff that JFK or Winston Churchill or Maggie Thatcher always talked about at moments of global economic and military crisis.

Anyone who expected her to not indulge in a bitchy snark-fest on The Day We Count Our Blessings was instantly disabused of the notion by her cheeky headline, “A Thanksgiving Message to All 57 States,” and her wacky opening compendium (Giggity!) of a dozen or so verbal slips by President Obama—complete with YouTube links, just so you know she’s not lying about them the way nasty, terrible people are always lying about her.

Then, as all Great Leaders do—and Sarah Palin more than any of them—she paints herself as the helpless victim of connivers, whisperers and the Gnomes Who Live Under the Stairs:

If the media had bothered to actually listen to all of my remarks on Glenn Beck’s radio show, they would have noticed that I refer to South Korea as our ally throughout, that I corrected myself seconds after my slip-of-the-tongue, and that I made it abundantly clear that pressure should be put on China to restrict energy exports to the North Korean regime. The media could even have done due diligence and checked my previous statements on the subject, which have always been consistent, and in fact even ahead of the curve. But why let the facts get in the way of a good story? (And for that matter, why not just make up stories out of thin air – like the totally false hard news story which has run for three days now reporting that I lobbied the producers of “Dancing with the Stars” to cast a former Senate candidate on their show. That lie is further clear proof that the media completely makes things up without doing even rudimentary fact-checking.)

Thanks, Sarah! On this day of solemn yet joyful introspection, as we reconcile the ledger of our individual hardships against the ever-renewing bounty of our Freedom and the never-failing Spirit of Generosity that infuses our families and countrymen, your Queeg-like paranoia and consuming obsession with petty slights and score-settling are an inspiration to us all! 

[UPDATE]: As a half-assed afterthought—or perhaps because she’s monitoring the Twitter reactions to her dipshit tantrum—Sarah throws a bone to America’s Armed Forces, urging all of us to contribute to the USO to say “Thank you” to our troops on Thanksgiving—about 90 minutes before Thanksgiving ends in the Lower 48.

Way to slip it in under the wire, Snooki! I guess you were too busy promoting your book to post that yesterday, when it might have mattered.

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Well, sure. Cuz, like, y’know, it’s all about HER.

But at least she’s laid to rest for all time any remaining questions about where her daughters picked up their utter lack of class.

I waited all day, expecting her to weigh in with her usual “More Patriotic Than Thou” invocation of Flags, Firecrackers and the Founders. But her injured dignity apparently trumps any sense of gratitude to a country that made her a wealthy, irresponsible mainstream media celebrity.

She’s going to have a lot to say about this Rumproast post on Christmas.

Self-injury prone paranoiac victimology twits everywhere are inquiring:

WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR THE USO???!!! having a laff. Mightily.

that I corrected myself seconds after my slip-of-the-tongue,


PALIN: But obviously, we’ve got to stand with our North Korean allies. We’re bound to by treaty –
CO-HOST: South Korean.
PALIN: Eh, Yeah. And we’re also bound by prudence to stand with our South Korean allies, yes.

... her wacky opening compendium (Giggity!) of a dozen or so verbal slips by President Obama ...

To add to the hilarity, many don’t really read Mama Grisly’s Facebook posts—or if they do, need Cliff Notes—because her acolytes have been working overtime explaining away Palin‘s gaffe about the “57 states.”

The post linked above is full of goodies, including the phrase:

... the left (Nazi’s included) ...

Gah. Infuriating. Horrible. Why do people misuse apostrophes so?

Stacy Drake (for it is she, and no ilk in sight) drones on that those criticizing Palin:

... were not familiar with the “57 states” gaffe the president made during the 2008 campaign because the media they watch and read never mentioned it.

That must be a very rarified layer of the media indeed! (There are in fact 57 territories that feed votes into the US electoral system, but whisper it quietly otherwise it’ll spur yet another “gotcha!” self-exonerating Facebook post and we’ll never hear the end of it.)

Those that live by the tweet shall perish by the tweet.

Drake signs off:

Just remember when you hear or see someone calling Governor Palin “stupid” or an “idiot,” the people behind those tweets I posted above are the people saying it.

Batck atcha, eh? Well, I can’t imagine where they’d have gotten that idea. Maybe from some people with a vested professional interest in undermining her and making sure she had no fair crack at a position of power?

“Her foreign policy tutors are literally taking her through, ‘This is World War I, this is World War II, this is the Korean War,’” Heilemann told “60 Minutes.” “This is the—how the Cold War worked. Steve Schmidt had gone to them and said, ‘She knows nothing.’”

Whatever, I hope y’all had a finer Thanksgiving than Snooki did. It’s not been a good week for her. Yet again.

Had anybody heard this ‘hard news story’ before? WTF is she rambling on about?

Todd: Honey the turkey’s getting cold ...
Sarah: Shat up Taaahd! I’m refutiatin’ a story with my masses!

I wonder if her tutors in 2008 formally graded her progress as they attempted to justify a social promotion so they could wash their hands of her. America should demand to see the results.  It would only make her more popular with her supporters but even a generous assessment would have left a stamp on her permanent record saying D+, not C.


Just dropped by to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all my bolshevik buddies up here on rumproast and to make sure you are all behaving yourselves.

My view is that Palin is being over-exposed.  I’ve mentioned in the past that not all conservatives see Palin as the optimal presidential candidate, although we have no trouble seeing her in a national political role.

However, her television shows, her books, her daughter’s dancing contest, may be saturating the consciousness with too much Palin too much of the time.

In addition, the left’s preoccupation with her (she must make up the subject for 80% of rumproast posts) is contributing to her longevity.

Frankly, I did not watch her daughter’s performances, I did not watch Palin’s Alaska special, I have no interest in reading any of her books—even though I am not fundamentally in disagreement with most of her positions.

I think that the creeping confluence of entertainment and politics represents a continual part of social devolution irrespective of whether it is on the right or on the left.

You know, JFK’s kid started a magazine called ‘George’ that disappeared after he died. The magazine in part was an attempt to chronicle the overlap and connection between show business and politics. And I believe the degeneration has only increased since then.

As long as the degeneration of society is managed and orchestrated by elites such as myself, I tend to see it as a net positive. The atavistic bonds of family and country that constrain human progress must be dissolved like silicone glue in ethyl ether, so that a new and grander scheme of cultural architecture may be imposed, not by patriots and politicians, but by thinkers, artists, engineers and Social Scientists—i.e., those of us who are to human evolution what the early astronauts were to the brave, uncertain but exhilarating Conquest of Space.

Also, I think Sarah Palin undermines the credibility of Conservative Principles just by being alive, which makes trivializing her existence twice as much fun.

Oh, and Orgone—it’s the best.

Imagine if she runs for President.  This will go on 24/7, a constant buzzsaw whine of grievance as she is attacked from all sides.  And she will be every day, by her primary opponents especially, because they’ll push her buttons to get her to react.  Imagine the time and energy she’ll waste on spitting back at everybody,not to mention the pushback from her own team, whom of course she’ll resent as well.  Someone will attack her, she’ll go on the counter-attack and that will be the next day’s headlines.  Day after day. And by Florida the whole nation will be sick of her.

Well you know what we do here Snowbilly Snooki?  Here at the home of the oldest USO in the World, we bake a pie, and deliver it to the USO so that all those brave soldiers can have a home made desert for Thanksgiving, you see we are too busy baking fucking deserts to tweet bullshit.  See how that works Snooki?

PS) DH reliably informs me that Snooki made the mistake of going after Barbara Bush after her “I hope she stays there” comment.  Ya know, from what I understand, that could be a fatal mistake.  You don’t mess with Babs.  That kind old grandmother figure is a front, Snooki may have just taken on the one person that is powerful enough to destroy her.  Making popcorn.

Who do you think ordered the hit on Reagan?

Palin’s come back was fabulous. You can tell it worked by the tone of the response written by this rumproast goof. She took the media headlines on her North Korean gaffe and shoved right it up the media’s collective you know whats. You folks in the media may may need to make appointments with some colorectal surgeons. What is the media’s retort. “Oh she’s so mean to our savior.” “That’s not presidential.” “That’s classless.” And laughably on and on. You guy got beat at you own game on this one. You are jokes.

@fastaire—Aside from the fact that you missed the whole point of this post, your cut-and-paste response to what you thought you read is righteously en fuego!

You guy got beat at you own game on this one. You are jokes.

Willow? Is that you? Or is this Trig?

You are jokes.

Maybe so, Slow-Mouthbreather—but we’re the jokes who got to see our guy in the White House. Weak-Sauce Sarah couldn’t handle the governorship of the biggest Federal Welfare State in the country.

And you DO realize that’s she never going to be your friend and/or fuck you, right? Those winks? She was just teasing!

And you DO realize that’s she never going to be your friend and/or fuck you, right? Those winks? She was just teasing!

That was just mean. Now all he has to live for is the next bag of Cheetos(TM).

A vindictive Christian. Who would have thought? Seriously, have her ballyhoo boiled down to these bumptious misplaced rages on Facebook? This is so sad. How is going to explain such behavior if she decides to run for a presidency? She is operating more like an emotionally tortured teenage girl than a future president. Oops! I forgot, she is a star on some reality show while vying for her daughter’s win on some other reality show.

OMG, you guys!!! I can’t wait until President Mean Girl is in office so we can finally get that Coke machine in the cafeteria!!!!  Plus, she’s totes gonna show us her boobs at the next pep rally.


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