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Something truly hinky happened in The Heartland yesterday.  Not that we weren’t forewarned . . . there was that little media dust-devil that arose, back in April, when Gov. Terry Branstad (R) released an official gubernatorial proclamation entreating Iowans to pray, fast and repent for the good of Iowa and the nation . . .

To wit:

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Terry E Branstad, as Governor of the State of Iowa, do hereby invite all Iowans who choose to join in the thoughtful prayer and humble repentance according to II Chronicles 7:14 in favor of our state and nation to come together on July 14, 2014.

  [read the whole freaking thing, which sounds David Barton-ish, here].

Well, July 14th arrived and, suddenly, the separation between church and state on the Capitol grounds of the Hawkeye State was only the thickness of a revival tent-flap where hundreds of Children of the Corn gathered for 11 hours of “non-denominational” prayer and repentance of a King James nature—from 7:14 am to 7:14 pm.

You see this was never meant to be your garden-variety non-denominational feel-good praying—it’s specifically prescribed to be according to II Chronicles 7:14, a favorite bible verse of Bob Vander Plaats, who has written a book entitled If 7:14If the name Vander Plaats sounds vaguely familiar that might be because when Vd-P isn’t writing religious manifestos, he likes to run for governor of Iowa.  At least in the Republican primaries for governor, he’s never quite made it beyond there in 2002, 2006 or 2010.

You also might remember Vd-P as the guy with the pitchfork at the head of the mob who successfully ran off the three justices on the Iowa Supreme Court who voted to overturn Iowa’s Defense of Marriage Act in Varnum v. Brien.

But, back to Vd-P’s current enterprise If 7:14 [complete with Mike Huckabee intro] . . .

About the book, Vander Plaats said:

It’s more important now than ever to educate and inspire pro-family patriots who are willing to pledge their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor for the benefit of the current and future generations.  Our families, our marriages, our communities, our nation, and our world is in great need of revival.  Our only hope in turning things around spiritually fiscally, morally, locally, internationally, and personally is…revival.

The final section of the book puts out a call to action – to pray two times per day at 7:14 am and 7:14 pm for personal revival, revival in our marriages, our families, our churches, our communities, our countries, and our world.


Now I don’t know what Bob Vander Plaats has on Terry Branstad but it must be pretty powerful stuff to get Branstad to put his name on this travesty.  Back in 2012, ABC ran a story about VanderPlaats endorsing Rick Santorum for president, however he was looking for $1 million dollars for it.  Vd-P denied it of course, but ABC did not retract the story and Santorum seemed to confirm it.  Now, Branstad is looking at a pretty certain win for Governor [again] but, just for insurance, Vd-P can probably deliver the evangelical vote . . . if Branstad were to do something nice for fundies.  Just look at that screen cap of the website complete with the Iowa state seal . . . and it goes totally whack from there.

HISTORY & PURPOSE of 7-14-14


This is not about a single day of prayer, fasting and true repentance, but it is about a lifestyle journey of letting our hearts awaken and allowing God’s very breath to fill us.  It is understanding we have strayed from God, our first Love, and realizing the only way back is through true heart-felt repentance.  Repentance that brings change and realizing that repentance has many depths to it.  It’s about forgiving one another and not allowing the enemy to rule us through offenses.  Realizing there is diversity in unity.  It is about knowing who we are in Christ!  That He first loved us and He still loves us and is pursuing us to come back to Him.

God is saying Blow the trumpet in America, Consecrate a fast, Call a sacred assembly; Gather the people… (just as they did in Joel 2:15 in Zion)

And here are the bona fides:

Since 2011 God has been speaking to me through dreams, visions and His word about our Nation.  Below I have referenced one dream and given two references, in scripture, that show God speaks through dreams and visions and tells us we need to be able to discern the times..

ON 4-20-13 God spoke to me through a dream and His word…

In the dream I was writing on a red, white and blue shirt, “Something will start to churn in you today.”

OK, so I’m getting the sense that this is pretty much a fundie fun day but I decided to check out the event Supporters page to get a feel for what some of the speakers might have had on offer . . . Iowans for Jesus Network looked particularly promising.

At the I4JN page I clicked a tab called “Arise Iowa” which contained “Excerpts from the Cindy Jacobs ‘Arise Iowa’ Morning Session Prophesy” and here are some takeaways from that:

You know what Iowa is an acronym for?” And I said, “No,” and He said, “Intercessors On World Affairs.” And He said, “Iowa is called to change world affairs.” The intercessors from this state.. so Intercessors On World Affairs, Intercessors Of World Affairs.

This is a tipping point time, where God wants to throw this state into a massive move of God. You’re just on the verge, I could almost say the birth pangs of revival.

Sounds prophetic . . .

The state is going to grow and double in population in the next few years, because God is going to bring in… there’s going to be new companies moving in, there’s going to be whole new cities built. The Lord shows me that the flight that has happened in Iowa will be reversed. And it’s not going to hurt the farming. The Lord has shown me that He’s going to balance this all out, because He loves the land.

So far God is sounding a little preoccupied with Iowa . . .

“And I am going to cause 24/7 prayer houses to spring up. Look to the University of Iowa,” says God, “for I am coming for a great visitation. I am going to shift it from the left to the right. For I am coming in a major shift, for this is a tipping point time,” says God, “I am getting ready to tip it”, says the Lord.

and the big finish:

Iowa is a Daniel and a Joseph state, which is under the purview of Issachar. And I just mean that I feel that they’re all connected together. So Daniels and Josephs, you’re’ governmental, but you have a Joseph anointing. So what you’re going to see one day, and I’ve not prophesied this in any other state, is that there will be a national poll taken, and the number of entrepreneurs, and new businesses startups that come from Iowa will exceed all the other states.

Romans 13, if you’d turn to Romans 13, verse 11, because I want to pray something prophetically, I feel like its time for Iowa to wake up.

You are Cyrus’s, and you have just known that there was oil under the ground. But the Lord shows me that there’s some of you that God is going to show you where that oil is. So Father, we call forth the oil that has been…oh, no, it’s gasoline…the petroleum, that’s what it is…petroleum resources that are under the ground. Something to do with the north-eastern part of this state. Lord in the name of Jesus, we call in these reserves that are reserved until the end-times.

What the Frack?!?

So. anyway.  This If 7:14 thing was supposed to be national, if not universal, but it looks like Terry Branstad is the only sap governor who bit.  I can’t say I blame other states’ governors for perhaps being a little miffed about God’s obvious Iowa fetish, though.

And before you separation-of-church-and-state trolls get started about this just being good, clean Christian fun and nothing to do with establishing a state religion? take a gander at a few comments from attendees:

Armando Donan, a Des Moines computer technician who is a member of Heartland Assembly of Ankeny, has volunteered the past few months to help organize the event.

“I have been praying for God to come and for his will to be done,” Donan said. “The goal is for God to intervene in world affairs, to put him back in a sovereign place in cities, state, the nation and the world.”

Sara DeMeulenaere of Fort Dodge, a leader of an international ministry, said she had been looking forward to Monday’s event. “It is about repentance and people coming together and unifying the body of Christ for our nation ... and bringing righteousness and justice back to our governing sectors and our lives,” she said.

I’m sorry but I don’t want that in my government.  I agree 100% with Robert Cargill who said:

When the elected leader of a secular state calls on citizens of his state to engage in acts of devotion and worship (e.g., prayer, fasting, repentance, etc.) to one god and not to another, the elected leader engages in favoring one religious tradition over another. And while the elected leader may not be “establishing” one religion as the official state religion, by favoring one religion over another, and by calling on citizens to participate in one religion and not another, and by invoking a verse from one sacred book of scripture over another, the elected leader violates the principle of separation of church and state.

and also with Hemant Mehta, who put it a little differently:

Governor Branstad could’ve saved time by just turning to the TV cameras and saying, “Hey, Jews, Muslims, Atheists, Hindus, and all other non-Christians: Screw you.”

No governor who truly cares about unifying his/her state would have signed this. So it’s hardly surprising that a Republican governor finally did.

Bottom line, Governor Branstad should be ashamed for allowing this Christian Carnival to take place at the capitol on any day but, especially not on the same day that he tells the country that there’s no room at the proverbial inn for little brown refugee babies.  Your population is 92.5% white, Governor, so, if your welfare system is overworked, it’s by native sons.  Take a few Hispanics, they’re hardworking, family-oriented.  And Christian!!  They’ll love it there in the land of the free and the home of the Intercessors Of World Affairs.

And all of your Kingdom Builder friends will love them . . .

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Branstad’s just preparing himself for that sweet, sweet Wingnut Welfare.  He’ll make a pretty penny getting in on the Christian grift as well.  He’s gonna make it rain.

“You know what Iowa is an acronym for?”

Idiots Out Walking Around

(or so I’ve been told)

You know, Vd-P, there’s another religion that prays at specific times of the day.

Wow, oil that was reserved for the End Times, and God already told them which part of the state to look in!  Looks like a prime opportunity for some godly oil griftin’; why there has to be plenty of marks/rubes willing to put their grandkid’s college fund into such a can’t lose proposition.

bette noir

i’m an admirer of yours and the topic is important but this article is bloated. you could have used half the words and made twice the impact. editing is everything.


tried Twitter?

No way, I like Bette’s long form approach!

What the frac indeed, Bette, I believe you may have discovered something really nasty here. Dr. Google says six counties in northeastern Iowa with most of the state’s public land, forests, trout streams, etc. also have huge deposits not of oil or “gasoline” but of silica sand, which frackers use in their nefarious operations in other states. The residents of the six counties are very uncomfortable about the mining industry’s interest in taking all their sand away. ate-in-ne-iowa-should-rest-in-local-hands/ Is it a coincidence that Jesus should stop by Iowa to tell them God needs the stuff? Or is somebody getting paid to spread the word?

@Yas I’ve heard the Lord works in mysterious ways.  I knew someone who picked stocks using the Bible in an I Ching-y way.

@SoS thanks for appreciating long-form. I know I have a tendency to go on . . . but, some things, especially politics are so layered and interwoven and complex that they can’t always be boiled down into simple syrup.

In this one, for instance, I could just go straight ahead with “this happened in Iowa” but, it turned out there was a reason that it happened in Iowa [and nowhere else] and it ALL had to do with mixing up religion and politics and why people are so inclined to do that. 

Which I find far more interesting than the event itself with some canned opinions about mixing religion and the State.

My hope is always to send readers off on their own hunt.

Anyway, thanks for all of your support and comments.

So Father, we call forth the oil that has been…oh, no, it’s gasoline…the petroleum, that’s what it is…petroleum resources that are under the ground. Something to do with the north-eastern part of this state.

There’s a very tumultuous and confusing fight in the two most northeastern counties over fracking and its attendant problems. We’ve had some luck with moratoriums at the County level, at least, for now but there’s no telling how things might shake out in the near future.

We certainly don’t need some God botherer telling everyone to come up here and start polluting our ground and water. There’s a high enough cancer rate here, as it is.

Since 2011 God has been speaking to me through dreams, visions and His word about our Nation.

I think he has God confused with

In the dream I was writing on a red, white and blue shirt, “Something will start to churn in you today.”

Yeah, something’s starting to churn inside me now.

The only thing Iowans have to repent for is electing this moron.

Jim Morrison said it best “You cannot petition the lord with prayer!”

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