Coming Soon to a Screen Near You! Beauty vs. The Beast


We’ll be liveblogging tonight’s VP debate, beginning at 9 p.m. ET.

Will Joe Biden kick the evening off by ambling across the stage and sitting daintily on Martha Raddatz’s knee, to her obvious delight?

Will Paul Ryan flounce out in a cloud of talcum powder?

Will the booze stash stand up to the onslaught?

Will this chickenwire barrier I’ve erected in front of my laptop hold out for the whole 90 minutes?

Will Chicago derail the media narrative by taking down Twitter and Farmville, leaving the rest of the world to figure out WTF just happened for themselves?

Time alone will tell. Join us if you don’t like screaming at your screen without company.

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Anyone else see a striking, creepy resemblance between Paul Ryan’s workout pics/face and former NY Congressman Anthony Weiner?

When I see Barack Obama and Joe Biden, I can’t keep myself from thinking of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

Quaker - some kind of “Old and busted, new hotness” thing?

Word is that Ryan’s campaign has asked that he be addressed as “Mr. Ryan” tonight, rather than “Congressman Ryan.”

The only explanation I can think of is he’d rather low-information voters not realize he’s part of the do-nothing Congress.

If I was anywhere near Joe right now, I’d suggest that during the initial handshake he whisper in Ryan’s ear: “Is it OK if I call you Congressman?”

Suggestions for drinking cues?

Medicare and Voucher, if you want to get smashed?

716, 47, and trickle down government?

I don’t need no stinking drinking cues!

I think I’m going to preempt Ben Smith right now and call this one for Joe, who was UTTERLY GODLIKE IN HIS COMMAND OF THE STAGE.

I can’t believe Ryan fled the stage bawling like that. Is it too late to replace him on the ticket? And as for the lack of pants ...

I love the Ryan work-out pic. It’s one of those happy instances of a photographer capturing a mood that really says something about its subject.  In this case, the pictures say “If Congress was a boy band, Paul Ryan would be ‘The Sporty One.’”

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