Coming Tomorrow: Rumproast’s Top 15 Music Videos of 2009 (Today: Honorable Mentions)

Because Rumproast is probably the only poliblog that posts new music videos on a regular basis and I’m doing everything possible to avoid all things political these days so that I don’t run around headbutting everyone, tomorrow I’m going to roll out my top 15 music video picks for the year. There were some exceptional music videos released this year, so it was hard to narrow it down to just fifteen. Presented below, in alphabetical order, are all of the fabulous videos that were in the running for best of the year, but sadly didn’t make the cut. Enjoy.

The Antlers’ “Two”An ethereal cut-out creation featuring a bubbling guitar and beautiful Brooklyn.


Bomba Estéreo’s “Fuego”A bouncing, over-saturated Columbian house party.


Jarvis Cocker’s “Further Complications”A gangling, bespectacled dweeb in a white room gets folded, bent and bumped.


Eels’ “That Look You Give That Guy”A music video for fans of Top Chef, dogs and nerds.


Kid606’s “Mr. Wobble’s Nightmare”A disturbing (you’ve been warned) peek into the world of ecstasy-soaked zombie fruits.


MGMT’s “Kids”Kind of a mess, but it features monsters and the crib scene pissed a lot of people off and that’s good enough for me.


The Most Serene Republic’s “Heavens To Purgatory”I’ll spare you the joke about the band members falling to pieces.  You’re welcome!


N.A.S.A.‘s “Money” (feat. David Byrne, Chuck D, Ras Congo, Seu Jorge, & Z-Trip)No one had heard about Shepard Fairey before he did the artwork for this music video.


Obits’ “Pine On”One of the great mysteries of 2009 is why this video didn’t go viral.  I mean, c’mon, chin puppets.


Ben Sinclair’s “The Radical”Very few things were funnier than the “super hi-tech triangle” this year.


Iggy Pop’s “King of the Dogs” music videosIt’s Iggy and the videos feature a claymation boxer as “a business man, a bum and an explorer.” Of course you’ll love these.


The Walkmen’s “On The Water”The prettiest gun blast you will ever see.


M. Ward’s “Rave On”Kill your television.


Woods’ “To Clean”Goofy stop animation with bananas and other funny foodstuff.


Yo La Tengo’s “Here to Fall”Truly insane footage of skywriting.


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Mmmmm, loved the Antlers vid.

I picked up some new bands thanks to you, Kevin.  I look forward to seeing/hearing the winners.


love that eels song!

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