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In the Navy
The haunting.

From Little Green Footfungus:

When I was in the Navy there were too many gays in my squadron as it was. The gays are even worse than the average Liberal, when it comes to sabotaging a guy because they don’t like him, don’t like his politics, etc.

They are even worse than Feminists, and the bad thing was, is that you couldn’t always see them coming.

The last thing we needed on the boat was some flamer reverting back to form at sea, and effecting the whole Truman Capote act, and tying their shirt up in a midriff showing halter top, and pulling the stitching out of their dungarees to tailor them and getting all up in everyone’s face with their “gayness.”

Posted by Kevin K. on 11/29/07 at 10:18 AM • Permalink
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