Connect-the-Nazis [UPDATED]

Knock knock.
Who’s there?
The Rhetorican.
The Rhetorican who?
The Rhetorican who thinks you’re a Nazi.
Knock knock.
Knock knock.


Knock knock.
Who’s there?
The Rhetorican again.
Knock knock.
Knock knock.
I guess you’re too busy making Photoshop fascist propaganda now, huh?
[paper slowly slides under door toward the Rhetorican…]


Posted by Kevin K. on 06/29/09 at 01:14 PM • Permalink

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What do Nazis have in common with Alaskan Governors who use babies as political props?

What do Nazis have in common with wannabe world leaders who are photo-pranked by their critics?

You want to find the Nazi? Look for God, wolves and ice. They were big on those.

I’d find his argument more sensible if was aware that no one is making fun of Trig.

Then again, once he stops lying about that, the rest of his diabolical logic would turn completely to shit.

He does, as he asserts, understand some basic marketing principles, but he confuses possession of this knowledge with being right, or sane.

Damn. Had I known you’d be here, Roy, I’d have written something more gymnastic. Nice to see you off your home turf.

The stoopit is strong with that one. Oh, and about Rectumrican “getting results:” So did Hitler! Ha! Another fascist monster outed!

The stoopit is strong with that one. Oh, and about Rectumrican “getting results:” So did Hitler! Ha! Another fascist monster outed!


As far as “getting results” goes, I think he’s exaggerating a bit because we’re not getting any traffic from him at the moment.

As I’ve said before, Memeorandum doesn’t deliver traffic. Rectumrican should use that marketing experience to get an Instalanche or a Malkinado.

You can imagine how impressed I am with his 15 years of marketing and media experience.

That and a dime…

How much canned rhetoric can a rhetorican can if a rhetorican can can rhetoric?

(His post would be a lot more awesome if it included a YouTube video of himself with wet eyes and badly smeared makeup screaming “Leave Trig alone!”)

Looks like we’re in a full-fledged blog-war now.

Not sure I can stand the excitement.

And “Nazi” may be a big word to throw around, but if I’ve learned anything in 15 years of media marketing experience it’s that you need to grab the audience’s attention and hold it. And it works.

So he’s patting himself on the back for discovering the marketing power of the other N-word.

Pardon my ignorance; I’ve never heard of Rhetorican before. But if coupling the name of an A-list blog with “NAZI” gets him into Memeorandum, then I’m going there too:



The difference is that Rush Limbaugh really did mock people with mental retardation. But calling him a Nazi is hardly novel enough to get into Memeorandum.

I bow my head before Rhetorican’s 15 years of Media.

Oops, and I forgot—Rush is an A-list Blob.

My mistake.

Looks like we’re in a full-fledged blog-war now.

Meatprod’s gonna be so jealous.

I should have linked to Colonel Mustard. That’s where all of the action was happening.  Jim Treacher, THE MOST CARING MAN IN AMERICA, was working himself into a lather over there.

Hmmm… It looks like a Poe case to me.  Or whatever the equivalent is for a fifteen-year veteran of marketing is.  I dunno; he just doesn’t read as real.

Mike, it’s hard to conceive the kind of mind that actually believes the “Nazi” argument is either applicable in this situation or so wicked-clever it would ASTONISH THE WORLD with its breathtaking fearlessness and novelty.

Then again, it’s nearly impossible to imagine the creaky-hamster-wheel interior life of someone who has fiercely protective feelings about Palin.

If it was merely an exercise in blog-marketing, I only hope it didn’t take him 15 years to figure out what The History Channel has known forever. And if that’s the best he could pull from his bag of blog-building trigger-words, I hope he treasures his brief moment on Memeorandum through all the dark, lonely untrackbacked years ahead.

Inasmuch as he started by attacking the wrong person (Ana Marie left Wonkette how many years ago? The false start and snide semi-apology have been wiped), and his marketing expertise boils down to yelling “Nazi”, he doesn’t make much of a pitch for himself, does he?

You know what we call people with “15 years of media” experience here at Chez Strange?


Rather obsessive updating and cries of “I’m NOT a moron!” over at Puertopublican.

Strange—If he ever discovers sharks, it’s game over.

Comment by sean on 06/29/09 at 08:15 PM

I didn’t accuse anyone of being a Nazi either.  I noted parallels to Nazi eugenics on the Wonkette post.

Actually, he noted obtuse angles.

I didn’t accuse him of being a memeslut either.

At the root, I think he noticed that no one was reading his little e-notes to himself, and made a suicidal, crackpot run at a vastly bigger blog in the hope he’d get noticed.

That still qualifies as marketing, even though it’s only one step up from imprinted executive novelties…and just as unlikely to leave a lasting impression. 

A smart marketer would have encouraged angry swarmers and pious defenders by enabling comments.

Death-by-Wonkette! A few have gone that route, but yes, without enabling comments, it is an empty gesture.

Not to minimize imprinted executive novelties.

When we were kids, my brother and I had Popular Photography Circulation Yo-Yos. (My father worked for Modern at the time)

Hey, I’m a Nazi, and I’m offended. But does the Rhetorican care about me? I think not.

Godwin’s Law of Marketing.

Oh, and Retardedietician, you know what is like Nazis?

Nazis, you stupid fuck.


And he gets so much wrong!

but if I’ve learned anything in 15 years of media marketing experience it’s that you need to grab the audience’s attention and hold it.

He’s so stupid he doesn’t know that that’s exactly what he is doing for La Palin, like a good little winged moneky.


It’s even dumber than that. If marketing were only about grabbing and holding people’s attention, TV commercials would consist entirely of attractive women masturbating, grisly car wrecks, unsealed coroner’s photos and footage of the Japanese man who filmed himself slicing his own penis into half-inch calamari rounds.

Alas, Puertopublican forgets the whole “sell” and “retain” side of the mission. I doubt that anyone could resist watching a half-hour infomercial for the “George Foreman 5-Minute Fat-Rendering Nazi Oven,” but few will be moved to purchase one just so they can experience “smoked alive against its will” heart-healthy goodness at home.

Rhetorican farted on the internet, then he Twittered the world to announce he made a stinky. That is not exactly genius communications strategy.

Who suffers?



Hey, I said I thought he was a Poe case, not that I thought he was a good one… FWIW, that’s just a gut feeling; although, as Sagan once said, I try not to think with my gut.

So ... dude’s got “15 years in marketing and media” eh?

I can see his ad campaigns now:

“Dawn takes Nazis out of your way.”

“Don’t squeeze the Nazis!”

“Have you driven a Nazi lately?”

Dude is clinically stupid. Period.

The tremendous marketing power of Nazism is why we’re surrounded by McHitler’s, Burger Fuhrer, Papanazi, and the Greater German Heimat of Pancakes.

“Greater German Heimat of Pancakes.”

Why not? Großdeutsches Pfannkuchenhaus, jetzt auch mit Palatschinken - sounds good.
(I actually once encountered a Cafe Hindenburg)

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