Conservatives Cannot Comprehend Consent

Conservatives cannot comprehend the concept of consent- this is evident in their parsing of the word “rape”, their inventing categories of the crime in an attempt to trivialize a woman’s role as a moral agent.  Conservatives have a problem distinguishing consensual sex from rape and see a sinister sexual agenda in harmless, indeed harm-reducing policies.  They employ crude, violent sexual imagery to describe the voting decisions of popularly elected officials.  Even while conservatives spout their creepy, sexualized characterizations of “Obamacare”, they attempt to pass laws that mandate invasive, coercive “medical” procedures.

Yes, conservatives have a problem with the concept of consent to the extent that the Republican vice presidential (and a Wisconsin congressional) candidate considers rape merely “another form of conception”:

If the GOP ticket wins, legislators who wish to redefine rape won’t receive credible opposition from the executive branch- this should give pause to any voter who values an individual’s right to self-determination.

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Lyan has “Something About Mary” hair. Just sayin’.

Dear Lord, then there’s Virginia State Senator Albo, who did a whole charming routine on the floor of the Senate about how his wife refused to have sex with him after he supported the trans-vaginal ultrasound bill.

Well, the vows don’t say Love, Honor, and Respe—-oh, they kind of do, don’t they?

Conservatives cannot comprehend the concept of consent

They even whine about it on their blogs.

Good memory, mar, I’d (mercifully) forgotten that crap from Prager.

Did someone mention rape?

Comment by Lancelot Link on 10/25/12 at 07:59 PM
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