Corporate / Religious Slogan Mash-Ups, a Turtle Dove Dilemma and Open Thread

Spotted on a service van:


There are so many possibilities here:

Delighting Customers for Christ
Downsizing the Devil with Jesus
Paradigm Shift to Salvation
Getting Granular in Gethsemane
Synergy, Not Sin

I feel certain I’m overlooking low-hanging fruit and that y’all will push the envelope with value-added propositions.

In other news, I’m starting to feel like Tippi Hedren: In addition to dealing with the chickens, now I have a pair of turtle doves to contend with. They took up residence in a hanging basket under the overhang of our tiki bar.

Here’s dad or mom (they are admirably egalitarian about gender roles and split egg-sitting duties) on the nest:


And here is their single egg, which I snapped a quick photo of during a shift-change:


They picked a really bad location for their nest since it’s a high-traffic area. They’re about three feet from my customary seat behind the bar, the other side of which is often populated by family and neighbors. A radio and/or television is on for hours every day. We use it as kind of a second living room and probably spend more time there than our actual living room.

My high-energy boxer dogs constantly run right under the nest and cavort all around it. Incredibly, they haven’t noticed the dove yet, but if they ever do, I’m afraid they’ll jump around and harass him or her. They are totally capable of jumping as high as the basket.

We can’t close off that part of the yard to them since we’re out there a lot and it wouldn’t be fair to the dogs, but I am worried about the doves, particularly when the chick hatches and gets noisy. It’s hard to imagine the dogs won’t notice that. Any advice?

Lastly, I’m making catfish beignets for dinner at Mr. Cracker’s especial request. I use this as my base recipe and generally make it more spicy. It’s a pain in the ass to make but really, really good. What are y’all up to this long weekend?

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Well, I get a smaller but more attentive audience here so I’l just copy what I posted at Betty’s other hangout:

This is somewhat on topic: I was in northern Michigan last week and had a jacked-up, tricked out ‘Murikan pickup truck roar past us on the highway.  The owner had gone to the trouble of buying enough address letters to spelling out (and nearly cover) the following on his rear window”

My truck just burned the gas your hybrid saved. 

I guess “I’m a total asshole” was just to suscinct for him. 

Any chance you could swap it out for one in a more quiet spot?
If not, how about some wire mesh tacked up underneath it (as close as you can get to the bottom) from wall to wall, after making the basket a bit closer to the ceiling (mainly to keep it out of jumping range).

If the noise hasn’t bothered the doves while they were nesting and laying, I don’t think it should bother them. Plus it might screen the chick’s chirps after it hatches so the dogs don’t notice. Keep us in the loop, you are becoming Bird Lady!

Drilling Down for Jesus.

Sudden Service for Christ.

Operational Excellence and your soul.

And one that may be close to accurate:

The Roman Catholic Church: Where Passion Meets Performance.

The Roman Catholic Church: Where Passion Meets Performance.


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