Countdown to World-Class Tantrum: Windbag Trump in Windfarm Fail


Hello again, Rumproasters, after what seems like a long, long period of impromptu sabbatical to allow the trauma and RSI from 2012’s electoral shenanigans to subside to a dull ache.

What brings me scrambling back to the keyboard? Why, another Donald Trump Grand Debacle, as reported by the BBC!

A legal challenge to a planned offshore wind farm which could be seen from Donald Trump’s golf resort in Aberdeenshire has been rejected.

US businessman Mr Trump claims the £230m European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre (EOWDC) would spoil the view from his golf course at Menie.

He wanted the decision by Scottish ministers to approve the project overturned.

However, the legal bid has been rejected by Lord Doherty.
Lord Doherty said he was not persuaded that it could be fairly concluded there was a real possibility of any bias in the decision-making process, or that the decision not to hold an inquiry had been unreasonable or unlawful.

The Trump Organisation said it would review the Court of Session decision.
A statement said: “Today’s decision has not altered our unwavering commitment to protect our investment in Scotland.

“We are reviewing Lord Doherty’s decision and will pursue the legal options available to us as recommended by our counsel.

“Communities world-wide continue to challenge the destructive proliferation of wind turbines and we will remain a fierce opponent at the forefront of this battle.

Over the years I’ve documented in a number of Rumproast posts Trump and his henchmen’s antics in Scotland, where his strongarming of the local authorities and attempts to celebrate his proud Scots heritage by re-enacting the Highland Clearances to build a “World-Class” Clusterfuck Golf Course at the Menie Estate near Aberdeen have excited much ire and ridicule.

Trump began the development in 2007, there were rumors as early as December 2008 that Trump’s overambitious plans would have to be scaled back because he was feeling the same economic pinch as everyone else. Then all of a sudden in early 2012, Trump pivoted to blaming the offshore wind turbine project for the decision not to go ahead with the full development, suddenly becoming a rabidly vociferous opponent of Scotland’s extensive efforts to develop renewable energy as a resource and offering funding to windfarm opposition groups which soon all too predictably came to regret their involvement with the World-Class BeTribbled Buffoon.

As I’ve pointed out numerous times in the past, this is all a load of World-Class Self-Serving Bollocks. Never technically bankrupt himself but having left in his wake a trail of failed and bankrupt shell companies and developments, along with tearful financially distraught mugs investors, Trump’s claims that the blight of the offshore turbine development is behind his decision are completely bogus.

None of the media seem to have joined the dots in recent times, and the Menie development’s earlier setbacks seem to have been forgotten, so I’ll risk taxing your patience and repeat myself again to draw attention to the fact that (excuse all caps) TRUMP WAS NOT GOING TO GO AHEAD WITH THE FULL MENIE DEVELOPMENT ANYWAY, EVEN WITHOUT THE EOWDC.

Here’s the Guardian back in June 2011, before he decided that he was going to exploit the situation to save face and stir up trouble in his ancestral home by blaming offshore wind turbines rather than his own overweening vanity for the project’s pruning:

Donald Trump has been forced to postpone his plan to create the “world’s greatest” golf resort in Scotland, complete with five-star hotel and luxury villas, because of the global financial crisis.

The billionaire property developer flew into Aberdeen on Monday on his latest luxury jet, a Boeing 757-200 fitted out with a master bedroom and five kitchens, to announce that his championship standard 18-hole golf course overlooking the North Sea would open for play in July next year.

... the tycoon said that the full scheme, a £750m complex featuring a luxury hotel, Trump Boulevard, a golf academy, a second course and timeshare apartments, had been bunkered by the recession.

Trump said “the world has crashed” since he first bought the Menie estate and dunes in 2005, provoking a long-running battle with local residents, councillors and environmental groups about his proposals, which has involved heavily altering the legally protected rare dunes.

My golfing friends have sworn never to visit Trump’s course, which isn’t too much of a hardship for them in a land not short of decent golf courses which aren’t in danger of disappearing under the restless shifting sands Trump so cavalierly decided he could tame.

As we wait for the Trumpettes to field the ball from the back of the court and decide whether to enter the fray anew, fans of schadenfreude could do worse than check out Donald Trump’s Twitter feed, where at time of writing the endlessly renewable resource of Trump’s windbaggery has uncharacteristically yet to erupt—not a peep about the decision yet, and his last tweet was an unheard-of 17 hours ago!

10, 9, 8, ...

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Welcome back!  I was wondering just last week where you’d gone. 

Spare a tear for Trump, though—just this morning (at 8:24 am PST) I heard twenty or thirty people saying, “Well, I was looking forward to staying and playing at Trump’s Menie course, which is going to be the best in the world.  But if you can see a windfarm from it, why bother?”

(NB: It’s “overweening,” not “overweaning.”)

Thanks, Mr. W!

Given the weather we’ve been having here for the past few months (and the Aberdeenshire coast’s not known for being the calmest of locations), I’d be surprised if anybody at Menie can see the ends of their putters, let alone the windfarm location.

Last I heard, the 19th hole was housed in a tent pending construction of a clubhouse. I hope they nailed it down well.

BBC made a documentary about some of this and it is available on Netflix streaming (or was).  I would only recommend it if you’ve already taken anger management courses and aren’t particularly hungry anyway.

Comment by Spirula on 02/11/14 at 04:41 PM

Yeah Spirula, we’re showing ‘You’ve Been Trumped’ at the village hall Thursday night! We’d booked it months ago, but this court ruling will hopefully bring even more viewers in! If we had a liquor licence, I’d invent a ‘What a Trump Tosser’ cocktail, but we don’t - so we’ll just have to celebrate non-alcoholically.

It seems to me that it would make great business sense to build your windfarm near any location that the great windbag Trump frequents. Of course if the great windbag reads this he will probably figure he is owed big money for all the hot air he has supplied to the windfarm.

Ah, one of my favorite Brits returns, and with a worthy target too! 

Trump; why would anyone trust the business sense of someone who actually bankrupted a casino?  If you can’t make it work when the games all favor the house, you’re an idiot, betribbled or no.

Love the photo - using a balloon’s natural static charge to get a rise out of that thing on Trump’s head.  Looks like a triumph of hairspray; I’d say at least 1/3 of a can per day.

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