Count Every Sour Grape!

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Teresa Scicconi of New York shouts her support for US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (D-NY) outside the Democratic National Committee Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting in Washington May 31, 2008.


As I predicted, turnout for the “Count Every Sour Grape!” protest, promised to consist of “10,000 marchers,” looks pretty low, even though the mass media folks are doing their best to make it look well-attended with low camera angles and carefully-cropped shots. I’ll post more on this debacle throughout the day.

From Getty:

“Feed me.”

You can see more pics from Getty here.


Clinton oil salesman Harold Ickes, moments before Rep. Robert Wexler handed him his ass on a platter.



Norah O’Donnell: Why are those 500 or plus protesters out there?


Chris Matthews: It was supposed to be, I was hearing rumors, I don’t know about you yesterday, not just rumors, commitments of “Oh, they’ll be 10,000 people there tomorrow from one group. Oh, it’s going to be the biggest show you’ve ever seen.”

I guess I was being too generous yesterday when I predicted the total attendance would be “one thousand” tops. What a hoot.  The Wire show I went to last night had at least four times as many people there (I’m being conservative) and I’m pretty sure the River to River Festival didn’t bus people into it.


From The Boston Globe:

Hundreds of angry voters—many of them Clinton campaign volunteers—demonstrated outside the Democratic National Committee meeting today, demanding that the party’s rules committee honor all the primary votes and pledged delegates from Florida and Michigan. [...]

The demonstration—which was cosponsored by the groups Count Every Vote and the WomenCount PAC and included several high-profile Clinton supporters—was peaceful and even festive at times, with participants dancing to a pro-Clinton Chaka Khan song.

But the vitriol of the hard-core Clinton supporters was also fully on display. One poster depicted DNC chairman Howard Dean whipping Florida and Michigan voters over the words, “At least slaves were counted as three-fifths of a citizen.”

Oh. My. God.


Here’s the video of Robert Wexler (D-Asskicker) introducing Harold Ickes’ ass to a platter (scroll to 7:30):


Eve Fairbank’s post about the rally at The New Republic is a must read:

Howard Dean may hope that the “healing will begin today,” but two blocks away from the northwest Washington Marriott where the DNC’s Rules and Bylaws Committee is meeting right now to try to figure out Florida and Michigan, the Hillary protesters are occupying an utterly alternate (and healing-free) universe: a universe in which one of the big lawn rally’s speakers yells that the Democratic Party no longer is in the business of “promoting equality and fairness for all”; in which a Hillary supporter with two poodles shouts, “Howard Dean is a leftist freak!”; in which a man exhibits a sign that reads “At least slaves were counted as 3/5ths a Citizen” and shows Dean whipping handcuffed people; and in which Larry Sinclair, the Minnesota man who took to YouTube to allege that Barack Obama had oral sex with him in the back of a limousine in 1999, is one of the belles of the ball.

Read it all. I’ve been warning people for several months, along with relatively few fellow lefty bloggers, about how deranged and un-Democratic the hardcore Hillshills were becoming.  It’s about time some other folks started taking notice. [link via Daily Kos]


Holy. Fucking. Shit.

I’ve been telling you for months and months these rabid anti-Obama Hillshills are lunatics, racists, faux feminists and anything but Democrats…  (via FDL)


More Hillshill lunacy documented by Sam Stein at HuffPo:

“HuffPost sucks! HuffPost sucks!” and later, “Fox News, fair And balanced! Fox News, fair and balanced!”

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Oh, I loved watching that exchange between Ickes and Wexler. A one-punch KO! :)

That “old white woman” sounds like she’s been into the cooking sherry. I can’t even begin to understand her logic.  Maybe she was going to retire to Florida before the election?

You know, I honestly think that some of these people just don’t understand politics or elections or government, in general.  (I’m no expert but I have a basic grasp of how the system works.)  I think, to them, it’s nothing more than American Idol meets a beauty pageant meets the Super Bowl.

I mean no disrespect to Sen. Clinton, but what has she done to “deserve” the Presidency; that makes it “her turn”?  I’ve never heard a good answer from her most hard core supporters.

Some great videos. That angry white woman…when did we keep her from voting in New York? How odd.

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