Creepy crawlies

Sweet weepin’ Jeebus with a flyswatter, check out this spider crawling up and down the Pope:

I think it crawled over his actual head at one point (damn the AP camera for cutting away). Did he know it was there and thus display a preternatural ability to ignore pests like spiders, roaches, ants and pedophiles? Or would he have shrieked comically, ripped off his silken white beanie and trampled it beneath his red Prada pumps if he had realized an actual spider was on him? I guess we’ll never know.

Posted by Betty Cracker on 09/29/09 at 02:34 PM • Permalink

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That rocks. It’s just begging for a little spider voice to be added.  “Loooook at meee goooooo!!! I’m scurrying on pope shoulder!”

Oh the itsy bitsy spider ran up Our Father, most devout…

Do we know for a fact that it didn’t crawl out of his ear?

Look who’s crawling on the pope.
Black and hairy, seeking hope.
Now he’s crawling ‘cross his head.
Admiring the shoes so red.

Boris the spider.
Boris the spider.

Hey, Wonkette picked this up, Betty. Woo Hoo!

“Spider-Pope, Spider-Pope/wears a yarmulke and thinks it’s dope.” (No? That’s what I thought.)

Oh wait, better! The spider weaves a web that reads SOME POPE.

...It would have been just too damn expensive to remove all that asbestos from the Twin Towers…

As the 9/12 Tea Party looks into the events of 9/11 they have many questions concerning the Official Story.
They know not to trust the Government & Media.
Only the guilty fear inquiry.

An ill wind comes arising
Across the cities of the plain
There’s no swimming in the heavy water
No singing in the acid rain
Red alert
Red alert

Good grief. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who’s managed to get banned publicly from Wonkette before. That takes dedication.

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