Crisis of Wingnuttery

These “moran” teabaggers really are quite comical when they question other people’s intelligence with their horribly misspelled signs.  First we had this and now we have this:

Crisis of Competnce

Posted by Kevin K. on 03/31/09 at 09:45 AM • Permalink

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perhaps the dye seeped into her brain—tragic really.

pssst - “now” we have this

Heh, yeah, I noticed that.  D’oh!

Are any of the teabaggers or would-be Galts actual, you know, entrepreneurs? Cause they seem to mostly be a motley collection of state employees, Wal-Mart greeters, overpaid TV personalities and internet cranks.

Betty, no, I think that pretty much covers it.

Here’s a good quote from the same Stamford tea party pictured above:

“Americans have no idea of what socialism is,” she said. “They have only read about it, heard about it from the liberal media or from drug-induced hippies.”

Yeah, I think the Tea Baggers have about the same level of professional competence and skill sets as the PUMAs. Which is to say,  none.

DU has a great round-up of some gems: p?az=view_all&address=389x5358167

My favorite of the moment: 638739d720cb4e9ovz9.jpg

Is our adults learning?

Well, I can only cite the immortal Bill Mauldin in response to that fine collection of subliterate asshattery:

Comment by Oblomova on 03/31/09 at 03:02 PM
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