Dave Weigel resigns. Fuck FishbowlDC.

David Weigel resigns from the Washington Post and the editors of FishbowlDC behave like loathsome assholes right up until the end:


UPDATE: Fuck Jeffrey Goldberg...

The sad truth is that the Washington Post, in its general desperation for page views, now hires people who came up in journalism without much adult supervision, and without the proper amount of toilet-training. This little episode today is proof of this. But it is also proof that some people at the Post (where I worked, briefly, 20 years ago) still know the difference between acceptable behavior and unacceptable behavior, and that maybe this episode will lead to the reimposition of some level of standards.

MORE: Goldberg just won’t stop. What. A. Dick.

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This is the biggest bunch of bullshit since the last bunch of bullshit.

How dare Dave Weigel have a political blog and have an opinion off the record that Pat Buchanan is a racist douchewad!

Probably explains why I’m not working for the Washington Post.

Dana Milbank on the other hand remains magically fucking employed.

Ironically, Betsy Rothstein of Fishbowl @betsyfbdc protects her Tweets so no one else can read her private thoughts and make them public.  Contact her at once and demand that she make her entire Twitter account history and all personal emails public.

Drudge should set himself on fire. There’s nothing biased about that.

Echoing Zandar, in a post I don’t need to post now:

Dave Weigel has resigned from the Washington Post following a leak of non-public emails in which he said some things about Matt Drudge, Byron York and Ron Paul voters that weren’t at all controversial, compared to some of the crap that passes for commentary in the WaPo’s published opinion pages.

Dave was a target from the get-go, although how a well-known erstwhile Liberal blogger can compromise himself by snarking on Conservatives in his personal correspondence, I’m not exactly sure. The “objectivity” issue is a silly fabrication that makes everyone but Weigel look like a dick in this matter. Fare forward, Dave.

Weigel’s private comments are too horrible to be tolerated. But let’s not forget, this is the man who so-called respectable journalists admit “rules our world.” No wonder Our Stupid Media is in such sorry shape. Fuck WaPo too.

Hard to add anything to the discussion. It’s disappointing, yet predictable. Unfortunately, part of the lesson here is that there’s no such thing as a private forum anymore.

And, of course, there’s no such thing as objective reporting when it comes to reporting on the current generation of the sons and daughters of Reagan, Gingrich, and W. Objectivity for the WaPo is to politely intone: “More religion in public schools?  There’s an interesting thought. Shifting income to the upper, upper middle class? Well, I suppose they’re the productive ones. Now that you mention it, I don’t believe we have seen the original birth certificate.”

Mr. Cole absolutely fucking NAILS Goldberg here.

Goldturd doubles down with a bunch of anonymous quotes he attributes to WaPosters.

Unless he posts audio transcripts of these telephone calls, I will assume he is making shit up as usual.

Right Allan, and I’m sure he got the attribution 100% correct and didn’t improve grammar or anything in translating an oral conversation to a written one.

I love it how goldberg says that young reporters would have emailed; while the old farts call.  Which side of the divide are we all on?

From this Ezra Klein post it sound like the Journolist emails were leaked to Tucker Carlson after the list agreed that Carlson should not be a part of the list.  Just sounds kinda dickish, not that I should be surprised.

Seriously - who doesn’t think Drudge should set himself on fire?

Oh well, back to the stellar lineup of former Bush speechwriters and geriatric “centrists” (Broder). Ezra better watch his back.

For your edification, KLo is still a drooling, fucktastic moron.

Klo rocks my world.

Also. Here is the Daily Caller column that allegedly led to Dave Weigel’s resignation. Seems pretty tame. The part about the right-wing trying to divide the country sounds kinda factual.

I really tried to care about this story and Wiegel is almost always worth a read, but i gotta say I just don’t give a fuck primarily because I am not at all surprised.

Vitter remains a Senator as does Ensign and South Carolina’s governor is back to hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Why we would expect anything different from the chattering classes is silly.

Oh, and the idea that a journalist cannot hold ideological views and even express them in private and still be objective is such a stupid fucking idea one would think Palin came up with it.

ThinkProgress questions the Fishbowl’s own journalistic standards.

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