Day of the Vulcan Couch-Meld

Yeah, I’m watching the morning news shows, and I’ll be slowly excavating the household wreckage of My Winter As a Helpless Cripple all weekend. But I can guarantee that any Federation Vessel Distress Calls will be going straight to voicemail until Tuesday. 

[H/T Topless Robot]

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Hmm, I was a house cripple for a much shorter time this winter, and the big excavation was last weekend.  Main beneficiaries: the library’s book donation program and ARC.  A good house purge is tonic for the soul.

I’m just an emotional cripple, but I too plan on doing some spring cleaning. That is, if anything vaguely resembling “spring” ever arrives here.

This place is like a landfill. I’m finding the artifacts of entire cultures that preceded me as I dig down to the floor.

Sure is different from capering about with Hobbitses! I’m on a mobile and can’t link, but any Nimoy/Hobbit googling should turn up evidence of the range of Mr. Spock. Aside from his Spockiness, he did an entire, beautiful book of naked fat women pictures, so if he wants to practice nunchuks in his bathrobe, it’s OK by me.

How much preparation would I have needed to withstand the sight of Leonard Nimoy pissing in the sink? More than I had.  But it is impossible to express how much I loved this video, and the commenters at TR who so hope he really is that way.

Mrs. P., thank you for your comment, otherwise I wouldn’t have clicked on the video.  And, that would have been a crying shame.  This is brilliant.  And, I am now looking up Nimoy’s book.  He rocks.  I love this video he did with The Bangles.

P.S.  And I don’t even like Star Trek.

P.P.S.  Strange, does this mean you’re feeling better?

Strange, does this mean you’re feeling better?

I’m still deeply wounded that you won’t ever play my videos, but I am actually sorta kinda walking again. Thanks for asking!

Oh, Strange.  Don’t take it personally.  I don’t click on anyone’s videos unprotected.  Really.  It’s me.  Not you.  I need space.  STOP HOUNDING ME!


Awesome video, Strange!  Just great on so many different levels.

Thanks for sharing.

You started it, Strange.  WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT?????  I take back every not-mean thing I’ve ever said to you!

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