Dear Democrats, one more time ... enough with the honoring

I missed it, but my lovely wife Chris told me that both Joe Scarborough and Pat Buchanan were saying the same thing on today’s Morning Joe that I was saying last week: the Democrats need to stop barking out “I honor his service” like a Tourette’s tic every time they mention John McCain’s name.  Both Scarborough and Buchanan pointed out that Republicans would never do that.  If fact, they went out of their way to dishonor John Kerry’s service in 2004. Enough.

Hell, if Dems/libs could get away with merciless political disemboweling, I’d love to see someone work icebergwedge’s angle into a 30 second spot. That would so fucking rock.

Posted by Kevin K. on 08/28/08 at 07:35 AM • Permalink

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Amen to that, and I love Icebergwedge’s idea. The other night, I watched a Fox News “biography” (read: hit job) on Obama, and they repeatedly showed clips of his speeches—each time ending it with the throat-clearing “I honor John McCain’s service to this country” without, of course, broadcasting the rest of the sentence.

With that kind of creative editing, you could come away with the idea that Obama endorses McCain in every speech. Dropping it might also compel McCain to keep overplaying the POW card, which is in danger of becoming a punch line. Why the hell should we play it for him?

Great one by iceberg wedge. An approach would be to do a mock American Idol contest where hundreds of Gitmo alumni are trying out to be voted the next Republican nominee for prez. Guess it could fittingly be called “Republican Idol” since idolatry is exactly what the repugs do.

Thanks for the shout out Kev.  Please keep the PUMAssholes for yourself.

Yes! I’m tired of their bootlicking.

I posted something similar to kos earlier on this topic: 00/337/577313

Comment by JasonM on 08/28/08 at 01:06 PM

I’m not sure I agree.  It seems to be presented as “I honor his service” BUT that was then and this is now, and then punch in the face.  It gets it on the table then out of the way and then McCain can’t come back with “but I was a POW” because they already said it.  Even though some people get tired of hearing him say that,  I think a lot of people think “Yeah, leave him alone!” when they hear it (not that those folks were going to vote for Obama anyway but the ones on the fence might appreciate that the token “honor” is made before the jab).  And to me the fact that Scarborough and Buchanan are saying the Dems shouldn’t do that is proof that it’s a good strategy.

BTW, I totally agree that a spot based off of Iceberg Wedge’s idea would be awesome!

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