Dear @SpeakerBoehner: sux2BU #tcot #GOPFail


This morning I came across a down-to-earth, plain-spoken little gem of bloggage that made my day.  It was posted under the intriguing title: If you Were John Boehner, Your Ass Would Be Fired.  Who could resist?  The post was written by a lady named Sandy Hingston who, it turns out, is a senior editor at Philadelphia magazine right here in my own backyard.

Allow me to share:

Imagine that every day, when you went to your job, you spent the entire time thwarting everything your co-workers and your boss did. Imagine that you took every opportunity possible to undermine them: You badmouthed them to the media, you interfered with their projects, you didn’t show up for meetings, you even stole their lunches out of the office fridge. Imagine that when they came to you for help, you shouted at them and called them names. Imagine that when they came up with new ideas, you shot those ideas down, said, “What, are you crazy? That will never work.” When they issued press releases about the great things your company was doing, you issued press releases that said your company was doing crappy.

How long do you think you’d last, working for that company and that boss?

So elegantly simple.  So true . . .

Poor old Speaker Boehner is destined to go down in the history books as the poorly-equipped shepherd of the herd of feral cats that the GOP has become.  Wrong place, wrong time—otherwise he “might’a been a contendeh.”  Not really, but I doubt that anyone envies him the job.

The interesting thing about Boehner is that he seems to do better when he’s bobbing along in his Boehner-haze than at those times when the going gets tough and Boehner gets going.  That’s when he gets into trouble and makes a right prat of himself.

For example: yesterday Speaker Boehner was forced to respond to pressure from the President to do something sane about the sequester.  He decided to do that on the Op-Ed page of The Wall Street Journal [where else?]

The resulting screed was a classic pre-2012-election rundown of Obama shortcomings laced liberally with the wanna-be meme “the president’s sequester.”

As we all know, that notion is total rubbish, because . . . MEMORY!  I understand that when you’re all hunkered down in your Republican bunker it might be hard to remember that the digital age has made it virtually impossible to win at “he said/she said” if he/she didn’t.  But, I suppose, when there’s nowhere to hide, it’s worth a try.

I don’t need to get long-winded about the particulars because while the movement conservative reaction to Boehner’s recent thoughts have been pretty much “Yeah, what he said,” the non-movement conservative reaction has been overwhelmingly “Hold it right there, Sir!”

As we all know, before it was “the president’s sequester,” it was Congress’ sequester—that’s how things work in this republic, Mr Speaker.  Hell, dear old John Avlon of The Daily Beast even rummaged around in his “binders full of 2011” and found a PowerPoint presentation [below] that Boehner used to sell the Tea Party Caucus on the sequester.


When that finally worked, Speaker Boehner did a little end-zone dance over the deal and told Scott Pelley of CBS:

When you look at this final agreement that we came to with the white House, I got 98 percent of what I wanted. I’m pretty happy.

The way Boehner tells it now, is “ball’s in your court.”  He characterizes his party as beavering away, in good faith, to replace the sequester with saner cost-cutting while the president plays golf.  The Speaker’s quite proud of the fact that House Republicans have passed not one but two [count ‘em] bills to replace the sequester.  What he’s not saying is that those bills were passed during the previous Congress—before Republicans lost 20 seats—and are therefore now null and void.  Boehner knows, too, that his chances of reviving those bills and getting them passed in the current Congress are slim to none.

And the new wrinkle kicking around the House?  Utterly insane!

Boehner said the only way to replace the sequester is to pass a plan that will “put us on the path to a budget that is balanced in 10 years.” Even the draconian and widely discredited Ryan Budget Plan, of yesteryear, didn’t balance the budget until 2040. 

As Jed Lewison of Daily Kos puts it:

The sequester looks like a Keynesian dream compared with a 10-year balanced budget plan. It’s simply delusional for Boehner to suggest it now.

The “smarter cuts” that Republicans have up their sleeves?  Put the “takers” on a diet—especially kids, poors and olds.  The cuts that the House has passed twice would end funding for the Meals on Wheels program, for instance, which serves up to 1.7 million seniors with food security issues.

According to Meals on Wheels:

1 in 7 Seniors is threatened by hunger. 8.3 million Seniors faced the threat of hunger in 2010. This reflects a 78% increase since 2001 – and a 34% increase since the start of the recession in 2007. The threat of hunger for seniors increased in 44 states since 2007.

What a great time to put them out of their misery . . .

On Sunday, Paul Ryan called for “smarter cuts” ending funding for food assistance and throwing 600,000 children off food stamps and Medicaid. 

Last year, the American people voted for a more progressive fiscal policy and a lot less congressional-fail.  Looks like the GOP didn’t get the memo and still doesn’t realize that their base is too small to pander to anymore.  Go ahead and be as insane and obstructive as you like, GOP but remember?  you’re the ones who thought you’d have the Oval Office and Senate, by now? 

The good news is, Democrats probably won’t have to do all of the heavy lifting when it comes time to Clean House in 2014.  Looks like the GOP will be providing lots of its own “friendly fire” like this man in the orange shirt who wants to put the man with the orange face out of business.




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LOL, and here’s some Senate leadership #GOPFail, too.

Comment by Lowkey on 02/20/13 at 03:21 PM

@Lowkey, you betcha!  That one made me spray my monitor with coffee this morning . . .

For years, Ive been saying what Sandy said. Imagine a job interview where the applicant states he despises the company he is interviewing with, wished the entity to fail outright, plans to undermine management initiatives and refuses to accept agreed upon norms of office behavior. Would the applicant get the job? Funny, thats exactly what the gop base demands of their elected officials. Self-inflicted failure on a grand scale.

You can not trust people to represent the people & work in Washington D.C. government when their stated goal is to weaken the federal government, their party’s mission is to cut the government & shrink the size of it down, & oppose any sort of additional revenues in the form of taxes to pay for government. It’s simply self-sabotage, & should be recognized as such. The Republicans are doing nothing but undermining America, & short-circuiting any sort of progress because they want to do it their way, & what’s worse, their way won’t work, but they refuse to recognize it, because they steadfastly believe conservatism can’t fail, it can only be failed by its adherents.

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