Democratic Post-Convention Open Thread—Friday

Republicans, we just opened a massive can o’ whoop ass on you last night.  Game on.

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Wonderful speech last night. I posted my random thoughts in the old thread.

Will McCain name Palin to the ticket? According to Politico, Pawlenty and Romney won’t be in Dayton today, and there was a super-secret flight from Alaska to Ohio. Hmmmm.

We were musing about Palin the other day, agreeing that she’s the one candidate who scares us. She supposedly has some political liabilities—using her position to get an ex-BIL fired and being involved with the Ted Stevens scandal in some way.

However, I gotta admit, Palin STILL scares me. Of course, the PUMAs would soil their granny panties if McBush chooses a woman—any woman. But aside from them, Palin is an attractive pick in many ways, especially if the scandals turn out to be not that big of a deal…

Of course, the PUMAs would soil their granny panties if McBush chooses a woman—any woman.

So McCain will lock in 132 votes in ‘08.  Sounds like a game-winner to me.

Seriously, I was one of the people who said Palin scared me, but the more I look at her, the more I think she’s a dud.  And what I’m loving right now listening to the pundits on Morning Joe is that all of McCain’s possible picks are duds.

Romney ... dud
Palin ... dud
Ridge ... dud
Lieberman .. dud
Pawlenty ... dud

Jonah Goldberg is a twit.  That is all.

Good christ, now they’re talking about Lindsey Graham.

Lindsey Fucking Graham

Agreed about everyone else on the list, but Palin adds the only possible excitement, so McBush is a fool if he picks anyone else.

I don’t know a whole heck of a lot about Palin except that she hunts moose. But the fact that she’s a relatively young, attractive woman would certainly be a novelty, which means media attention. 

The other thing that worries me about her is that she has a reformer rep. I’m not sure how deserved, but I believe she got a lot of credit for killing the Bridge to Nowhere thing. That would dovetail with McBush’s alleged “maverick” cred and give the media an excuse to slobber all over their pal again.

I really want to be talked out of worrying about this, so please, someone! Tell me why Palin would be a bad or unexciting pick.

Just want to repost this comment from The Confluence before they delete it:

Paradox Assembly, on August 29th, 2008 at 9:13 am Said:

So now what for PUMA? A mass march of what, 50 people in Denver (I’m being generous). Through denunciation by the very person you formed this movement around? (Unless you have gotten some secret message from her eyeshadow today) How are you going to look in the mirror and see a democratic movement and not a group of people that may have been left behind, not because they were the best and a threat







Woo-hoo! Seven bucks for me!


Riverchucky and katiebird are getting awful slow on the delete button.

And if I had to pick my top 10 PUMAssholes, myiq2xu would be in the running.  Check out this post: Purging Dissent Is Not Democratic. He condemns other bloggers for silencing his voice and then when someone (steveeboy) comments with what I assume was an opposing point of view, myiq2xu, the great champion of democracy, edits his comment.  What a douchenozzle.  This same idiot always shows up on Balloon Juice spewing bullshit (which John Cole never deletes) and then scurries back to The Confluence and guffaws at BJ readers held up in The Confluence’s moderating cue.

My head hurts. Once I again I forgot to drink water before bed.

But more importantly: Lieberman! Lieberman! Lieberman!

ZOMG, TS—from your lips to god’s ears. Please oh please let it be Lieberdouche.

Yet another gem from NoIQ:

As I was listening to Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer’s astute commentary on Obama’s speech…

Tell me again that Larry isn’t running a false-flag operation?

The funny thing, to me, is all the speculation about McCain’s VP choice, as if it actually mattered.  Seriously, he’s a shit candidate, the campaign has no ground game, no enthusiastic support from anyone, really, registered voter numbers are favoring Democrats in almost every state now…

There’s no one he could pick that would generate any enthusiasm or make his campaign more appealing.  Honestly, I can’t imagine there’s anyone who would actually want to be his VP.  Romney, maybe - as a stepping stone to 1st chair.  Lieberman, maybe, because he can’t get enough of himself and he’s pissed at Ned Lamont and the Dems.  Overall, though, McCain is toxic - and doomed!

I have a few names I use to post in PUMA PAC, usually to make absurd, illogical statements that somehow get supported (“we need to have our womens’ rights taken away by McCain so we can better appreciate them when Hillary wins in 2012!”).

Last night Murphy asked all PUMAs to post who they were going to vote for. I posted that, despite all the DNC FRAUD AND ZOMG ILLEGAL ACTS I was probably going to vote for Obama. This comment wasn’t allowed to be posted. I tried this under a few logins, all of which have been “vetted” by them with insane posts consistent with their message, and none of these were approved by Murphy either. By the end of the night it was like “well, then it’s clear, we’re all voting for McCain!”

I am now absolutely convinced that Murphy supported McCain from day 1, and this was all just really creative exploitation of irrational women and stupid men. It had absolutely nothing to do with Hillary. This was obvious from the beginning, but now I’m completely sure of it.

Y’know, I think it’s a good time to really pound on Murphy et all with the “Where’s the money?” message.  There’s just something wrong about the donations story, if you ask me. 

I know they’re laregely irrelevant now, but we can still have some fun, right?

It’s Sarah Palin, she’s a former Ms. Alaska runner up, there have got to be some nude photo’s or pron out there somewhere..

Seriously, he’s a shit candidate, the campaign has no ground game, no enthusiastic support from anyone, really, registered voter numbers are favoring Democrats in almost every state now…

Does the name Diebold mean anything to you?

All they have to do is keep pushing the idea that the polls have both neck n’ neck, then the corrupt vote stealing machine goes into action, and when McCain is elected, despite massive evidence that it was stolen, they will cry Bradley Effect.

That is my fear.

Shit, it is Palin, which is the smartest possible pick McBush could have made.

Palin is the absolute worst choice McCain could have made. She’s a pro-life nutter, which is going to kill him with independents. Further, Biden is absolutely going to wipe the floor with her in the VP debates.

Game over, GOP

It’s gonna be interesting to see what Hillary is going to say when she goes on the attack, something she is expected to do. Cat fight anyone?

Further, Biden is absolutely going to wipe the floor with her in the VP debates.

yes and no.  My fear is that, despite “equality of the sexes” and all that Biden will be seen as an asshole if he rips a lady a new one.  Where as he could have made Mittens, Lie-berman et al into giant assholes and be seen as being tough.
  Glad she is anti-abortion.  A majority of the female vote he would have got by choosing a lady running mate is lost to this fact.

Have you seen this from Al Giordano?  PUMA logic in action.

Katie plays straight guy to the PUMAs

Betty Cracker—

Never fear. Here’s one from the vaults at FreepVille:

Sarah Palin was never a good choice. She is smart and tough, but when she opens her mouth, she sounds like the woman cop in the movie “Fargo”.

33 posted on Wednesday, July 30, 2008 9:47:17 PM by montag813

Uff da!

Oh, Lordy…not only does the choice of Palin make this race even MORE fun, the PUMA will live on to dampen more Haband knit pants.

Iceberg Wedge, I agree—Biden can’t be seen as bullying. But then, Biden doesn’t come off that way at all. He’s genial even when ripping someone a new one, so I’m glad he’ll be the guy.

Palin has that trooper scandal to deal with, and her chief of staff is on a RECORDED message pressuring a guy she later fired under questionable circumstances. She really appears to have used her influence to get her BIL fired and then fired the appointed employee who didn’t carry through. But then again, the BIL appears to be a psychotic asshole, so that might blunt the effect of the scandal. Who knows.

Yes, Palin will undercut McBush’s inexperience charge. But I really don’t think we Dems can afford to be sanguine about how a female VP choice will be received among women, and not just PUMA assholes.

Also, re: the abortion thing—yes, Palin is 100% pro-life, but she also has a kid with Down’s Syndrome, which may mitigate the effect of her pro-life stance for a lot of women.

This choice gives me heartburn. I’ll be thrilled to be proved wrong, but it’s the one pick I worried about.

Here’s an article about Palin’s ethics problem:

The gist:
“The state legislature last month voted to hire an independent investigator to look into a claim by a former Palin cabinet member that he was terminated because he didn’t fire the governor’s former brother-in-law, Mike Wooten.”

I agree with Iceberg Wedge, Biden needs to be careful not to come across as a bully in the debates and focus his attacks on McCain rather than Palin

This choice gives me heartburn. I’ll be thrilled to be proved wrong, but it’s the one pick I worried about.


Another thing to consider is that Palin has no experience with politics at a national level, no experience with complex economic issues, no foreign policy experience.  And this is who will be a heartbeat away from the presidency?  And isn’t McCain kind of . . . old?  Prior to becoming governor she was asst. mayor of a small town in Alaska.  I don’t think Biden has to attack her at all.  He just has to show how much more extensive his knowledge and experience on the issues are.  And be a little patronizing but kind which will piss people off but not give them anything they can really point a finger at.

I’m hearing her on Glenn Beck now.

Definitely needs a fur hat with ear flaps.

Not stupid, but neither was Dave Thomas when he played Doug MacKenzie.

By “people” I meant Repubs, not Dems!  Another thing, since the House and Senate are likely to pick up more net Dems, she would be completely ineffectual in helping McCain try and get any signficant legislation passed.  The whole choice strikes me as a typical McCain quip - it gets your attention and almost sounds good until you start analyzing it.

Betty, here’s a quote from the lead article on Daily Kos about Palin:

“By picking Palin, McCain revealed his desperation to make a splash to rival the genuine excitement generated by the Obama campaign.  But desperation leads to poor decisions—and McCain’s Hail Mary, like most last second desperation moves, is destined to fail miserably.  He’s smeared himself with the pungent mud of Alaska Republican corruption, while cutting the legs out from one of his most reliable attacks against Obama.  And he’s presented Americans with the prospect of electing a dangerous neophyte to be a heartbeat away from the presidency, behind a man whose life expectancy is less than two presidential terms.

We all expected McCain to pick someone underwhelming to run with him.  But we never could have expected a pick worse than Quayle.  Yet that’s what we got.  Thanks, John!”

(Kind of like - what I said - but better!!)

Well, she is a former beauty queen and nothing screams women’s rights quite like beauty queen pageantry.

I’m not as concerned as Betty, but the voting machine comment always gives me heartburn.

It just seems that this is a dud. The presentation is pretty weak, Palin herself is pretty weak and this even just washes out in the wake of Obama’s ascension into the Pantheon of Greek Gods who wear Roman clothing and fancy headresses.

Betty C—I can only gauge this by my daughter in law, a low information, high school only woman in her 40’s who has been cranky ever since Obama beat Hillary.  Still a Democrat though.

Her response to McCain’s pick was “Who does he think he’s kidding?”

My grandson just called me—when he heard the news he called his mom right off to get her take too.  He was relieved she wasn’t buying it.

Feel better now?

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