Department of “Uh, Thanks”

According to Reuters, Israeli PM Netanyahu denies that US President Obama is Israel’s “great disaster.”

In response, President Obama* denied that PM Netanyahu is an “obstinate douchebag.”

[*Well, not really. But he probably would deny it if asked that question.]

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Bibi has made the same erroneous calculation he made with Clinton—i.e., thinking that a Democratic President will inevitably let Israel hijack US foregn policy in the Middle East rather than look “soft on Arabs.”

Hopefully, he’ll stow the macho shit and remember which of one of the partners in this “special relationship” is the indispensable one.

Truly all the Israeli swaggering would stop as soon as the US wasn’t there to back them up.  Keep pushing that “special realtionship” Bibi; I’m sure it will work out for you.

Dramatically cut their military spending and hold a vote on putting UN peace keeping forces in the occupied territory and they’d shit on themselves.  Seriously, who would they go crying to then?  They’d probably set up a “war room” at AEI and send the Tribes and Ben Stein’s of the world on Fox to character assasinate.

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