Departmentstore Santas—“At the Medieval Castle Nineteen 100-Year Lifetimes Since”

Departmentstore Santas -- At the Medieval Castle Nineteen 100-year Lifetimes Since

If you’ve ever enjoyed the DIY sounds of early Beck, Sebadoh, the Microphones or pretty much anything on the K records label, you really need to hear the Departmentstore Santas’ first and only record At the Medieval Castle Nineteen 100-year Lifetimes Since. Only 500 vinyl copies were pressed in 1984 and the leader of the group, Joseph D’angelo has steadfastly refused to allow anyone to rerelease it as a CD, causing it to fetch ridiculous prices on eBay and through dealers.  I was first introduced to the record when the music director at our college station—I was assistant music director at the time—scored it in an impulse buy at Cutler’s Records in New Haven, CT. It quickly became a station favorite.  Unfortunately, by the time I made it down to Cutler’s it was long gone and so for many, many years all I had in my possession was a badly worn cassette of the record, which inexplicably (and cruelly) excluded a few of the tracks.  A few years ago my pal Tom from the Major Stars, who’s as obsessed with this record as I am, hooked me up with a vinyl rip CD of Medieval and I listened to it repeatedly for weeks on end, falling in love with it all over again.  It’s moody, charming, eerie, sloppy, joyous, haunting, funny and everything in between.  There are certain albums like Exile on Main St. and The Basement Tapes that exude an overall aural aura that elevates them well past the strength of their individual songs and Medieval Castle is one of those albums. You can sample one of the tracks (“Photo Album of Baby”) here and read about how Camper Van Beethoven loved the Santas, but I highly encourage you to download the whole album (an excellent rip in MP3 format) courtesy of the fine folks at Mutant Sounds before the RapidShare download expires.  It’s the last of the four download options that work now, so I’d run if I were you.

MORE: Review at Siltblog.

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DOES ANYBODY KNOW WHERE I CAN LISTEN TO/BUY DEPARTMENTSTORE SANTA’S MUSIC? I have had a little taster, and want more but don’t know where to find it… PLEASE HELP! AIDEZ-MOI!

Ian, follow this link.  It was in the post.

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