Dining on antelope pâté


Charles Koch takes to the pages of The Daily Plutocrat to pat himself on the back for being brave enough to bruise his heel on the heads of blood-sucking proles and to exhort his fellow oligarchs to not “paint their tails white.” No, really—that last part is a direct quote:

Even though it affects our business, as a matter of principle our company has been outspoken in defense of economic freedom. This country would be much better off if every company would do the same. Instead, we see far too many businesses that paint their tails white and run with the antelope.

What. The. Fuck? Also, you can have your Walmart greeter job back when you stop electing anti-colonial Kenyans:

I am confident that businesses like ours will hire more people and invest in more equipment when our country’s financial future looks more promising.

So one of the nation’s more egregious examples of wealth-building through inheritance and crony capitalism is lecturing us on free enterprise. I look forward to the WSJ’s upcoming self-help series featuring Charlie Sheen on career management, shopping tips from Lindsay Lohan and a good government seminar by Muammar Gaddafi.

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Stoopit Rich Guy! Doesn’t he know he’s supposed to hire more people when he gets his tax break!

Even though it affects our business…

“Can you imagine? Us??? Forced to pay vendors for goods and services? Paying people to work? For us?!?”

Yes, gone are the days when a man’s chest would swell with pride simply for hanging a Koch Public Sector ID off his pocket flap. I blame the Negroes and their “jazz” music.

Market looks more favorable = People start sacrificing their virgin daughters to our brazen images in hopes of being blessed with a job.

A nice chunk of David and Charles Koch’s wealth come from U.S. government contracts. It makes no difference to him, I am sure, but Brawny, Vanity Fair and all his consumer products are banned in my home.

I will use lichen first!

Dunno about braised, but grilled antelope is fuckin delicious, although nothing can compare to yak.

Rarely we’ll put in an order and have a safari-themed dinner party.  Haven’t splurged on the mega-expensive ones (lion and bear) yet.

Off-topic, but your caption made me salivate.

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