Disgraced Con Man Edwin Meese Blorts About Impeaching Obama for Dreaded Gun Exec Orders

This is what bloviating looks like:


So Edwin Meese, Saint Ronnie’s AG, who was involved in not one but two scandals during St. Ronnie’s administration of unprecedented lawlessness among his advisers, thinks Prez Obama should be impeached because he wants to issue a few executive orders regarding srsly implementing background checks and such related to gun purchases.  Breach of the Second Amendment!!  Tyranny!! Lawlessness!!11!!1 abounds in our nation and we must put. a. stop. to. it.  Or, you know, else.

Joining in the baying pack is somebody called Rep. Jeff Duncan R-CrazyTown and a Rep. Steve Stockman R-CrazierTown.  Because they just KNOW Bam’s going all dictator on us and sending out the jack booted thugs to wrench guns from the cold dead hands of law abiding (well, sort of) citizuns!!

And it’s what they’ve all dreaded.  Dooooom-duh-doom-doom.  DOOOOOMMM!! 

As for the rest of us, well, yawn.  Carry on crazy Teathuglicans.  It’s getting where we don’t even think they should headline at Comedy Club anymore.  Too, too predictable.

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Why do they keep forgetting the “well regulated” part of the Second Amendment?

@Rebecca - I don’t think they forget it, I think they just ignore it.  Guns ueber alles!

Gadzooks, it was obvious from the get-go that the GOP would impeach Pres. Obama in the second term, on the flimsiest of bases (that’s why they are claiming that Benghazi was worse than Watergate- which is also an attempt to whitewash Nixon’s legacy).  Barry should come out strong in the midterm elections, using the bully pulpit to shout, “These mofos will waste time and resources doing to me what they did to Clinton, so VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE.”

Why do they keep forgetting the “well regulated” part of the Second Amendment?

They’ll tell you that “well regulated” meant (back in the day) well trained. As in: a well trained (regulated) militia.

Overcome with founding father teabagging fantasies, they overlook the text of the Militia Act of 1792 (which you’ll find if you google it).


Shorter Ed Meese: “Porn?  DANGER!  CURTAIL!  Guns?  FREEDOM!  INPEACH!”

A well regulated militia always has meant a militia that was trained and told what to do and when to do it. It didn’t ever mean “some guy who owns a gun.”  Since gun owners are individuals, not organized into a militia, they don’t fall under this definition. I know that Heller held otherwise but that was a bald faced misreading of the original intent of the second amendment which was to help the nascent US get along without a standing army, not to lisence every lunatic fringe to revolt against the government. If you want to see what the founders really thought about impudent local action in defiance of national law just google Whiskey Rebellion.

You know, I saw the “impeach” crap yesterday, and it sort of relaxed me.  I knew it was coming eventually, but I wasn’t sure from where

The rethugs may have gotten a large group of citizens to be incensed about a BJ and the under-oath lie about it, but I seriously doubt that requiring background checks after someone murders 20 toddlers is going to get the citizenry all het up about impeaching the only rational person left in the political room.  Carry on rethugs, carry on; this just makes 2014 easier.

And as Truthout wrote yesterday, the “well regulated militias” were armed slave hunters allowed to be armed and trained to hunt down fugitive slaves and were a key provision demanded by slave owning southern landowners, men we also refer to as “founding fathers.”.

Funny, I seem to recall the actions of slave hunters as being one of the key issues that led to the Civil War, who woulda thunk?

Only adding to the absurdity, as Mar pointed out, is that it’s Ed Fucking Meese flapping his copious neck meat which leads to so much irony I rusted in my seat.

I severely misunderestimated (heh!) President Obama’s ability to drive the right wing crazy. The only time Democrats win big at the polls is when Republicans over-reach, the mask slips & the kuh-razy pops out, or they say something really stupid, like no new taxes, but they have seriously become unhinged, & all I can say is, “You go girl!” I hope it lasts for a couple more years so that we can see what the 2014 midterm elections bring by way of the House of Representatives. That would be cool to get the majority back in both houses of Congress for at least 2 years, then the lame-duck Obama would have free rein to really go after the Republicans with a stick.

The Militia Act of 1792 and Whiskey Rebellion.  Thanks the farmer and aimai I’ll google those on the weekend.

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